Meet the second cohort of small businesses popping up in Clicks and Mortar Cardiff

Meet the second cohort of small businesses popping up in Clicks and Mortar Cardiff

Posted: Mon 5th Aug 2019

The second store in Enterprise Nation's pioneering Clicks and Mortar initiative opened in Cardiff two weeks ago with a cohort of awesome small businesses selling their products.

Today, a new group of entrepreneurs have moved in to the shop at the St David's shopping centre. They trade until 18 August. Find out more about them below.

Supported by AmazonSquare and Direct Line for Business, Clicks and Mortar is opening pop-up stores across the UK to give customers the opportunity to discover and buy directly from small online-only businesses.

If you'd like to sell your products in the stores to come, apply here and register to attend the opening of Clicks and Mortar Edinburgh on 9 August here.

Gower Cottage BrowniesKate Jenkins, Gower Cottage Brownies

The ultimate chocolate gift treat for every occasion.

How did you come up with your idea?

By selling in the local community shop, which went incredibly well with locals and holiday visitors alike, who began asking how could they get these brownies where they live. I then started sending out boxes of brownies in the post, and everything has grown from there.

Why did you decide to sell in Clicks and Mortar?

We already sell on Amazon, and thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for us to get out and let potential customers taste and sample our brownies to persuade them to buy online.

What are your three top tips for business success?

Don't over spend financially. Keep it simple. Test your products or service.

Rhian Kate jewelleryRhian Morris, Rhian Kate

Handmade contemporary jewellery made in the UK. Simple, elegant and affordable space inspired jewellery with a unique twist.

How did you come up with your business idea?

I did a degree in Making at Cardiff met and I just loved making jewellery, I was always looking to see how items could be worn or turned into jewellery.

After I finished university I wanted to carry on making and as I got a place in which helps creative entrepreneurs start their business. It was just a natural progression.

What start-up challenges have you faced?

Money and time are always two things that are difficult when starting a business. I had a part time job while I was figuring it all out so I knew I would be able to pay bills but that took out of time I could spend on making my business flourish.

I worked hard on building my brand by doing markets and attending some networking events. Eventually I was able to quit my job and give Rhian Kate my full attention.

What are your tips for business success?

Be true to you and your brand, no one knows your business better than you.

Don't give up even when it feels like it's going nowhere.

Sometimes it's worth taking the risk as it may pay off

Elizabeth Drew, Osmology

Discover amazing scented candle brands from around the world, and fill your home with incredible fragrances.

How did you come up with your business idea?

While I was running a lifestyle store, I started seeing how happy buying scented candles made customers . I wanted to add more candle brands into the store and after researching the market, realised that the UK lacked a specialist home fragrance retailer.

Fast forward a few years and Osmology now stocks one of the UK's biggest selections of scented candles, with brands from across the world and hundreds of scents available to buy in our online store.


Why did you decide to sell in Clicks and Mortar?

While the current retail climate is challenging for traditional stores, I think the High Street is at a really important and exciting time. Pop-up shops are a great way for modern retailers to create an exciting environment in which to introduce customers to their products.

Because of the transient nature of pop-ups, the store becomes an event and doesn't incur the costs permanent locations have to factor in such as quiet months and changing consumer buying habits. It#s a more fluid style of business which I think will continue to grow.

I was excited to join Clicks and Mortar and be a part of the retail revolution! Osmology will be bringing a selection of our bestselling summer scent to the store, and I look forward to introducing customers to fragrances perfect for this time of year.

What are your three top tips for business success?

Consistency - keep doing things as traction takes time.

Know your limits - don't feel guilty about down days, often your best ideas come when you switch off a little.

Recognise the wins - celebrating your daily successes makes it feel worth while.

Dr ZigsPaola Dyboski-Bryant, Dr Zigs

Dr Zigs extraordinary giant bubbles are some of the biggest and longest lasting bubbles available.

How did you come up with your business idea?

My son Ziggy loved bubbles when he was a baby. I started when he was a toddler, and I started the business eight years ago at my kitchen table. Now we're exporting across the world and becoming a household name!

Which other entrepreneur inspires you?

Annita Roddik. She changed the face of business and introduced ethical and eco into mainstream.

What are your three top tips for business success?

Do something that you love and believe in. Never give up. Make it personal.

Tim Rundle-Wood, Twoodle Co

Home fragrances with unique essential oil blends.

Twoodle Co logoHow did you come up with business idea?

When my dog Henry almost died from toxic shock after sniffing a reed diffuser, I couldn't find a natural alternative from a brand that was transparent with their ingredients. So I created my own.

Why did you decide to sell in Clicks and Mortar?

My main objective is to learn how customers interact with my products so I can improve the shopping experience and learning the differences of between what words online vs what works in a shop.

What are your three top tips for business success?

1. Always show up and never give up
2. Look after yourself. You are the most important asset of the business
3. There's no such thing as failure, only failure to learn


RoseKateArtRose McDonald, RoseKateArt

Studying fine art at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Rose McDonald provides beauty and happiness through her art for others to enjoy and appreciate.

If you'd like to sell your products in the Clicks and Mortar stores to come, apply here.

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