Meet the member: Carol Aplin, Pink&Green Skincare

Meet the member: Carol Aplin, Pink&Green Skincare
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Posted: Fri 8th Jan 2016

Enterprise Nation member Carol Aplin discusses the story behind her small business, Pink&Green Skincare.

What was your motivation to start your own business?

Carol AplinI realised women weren't always choosing to enjoy quality time for themselves and a lot of women were experiencing stressed skin conditions. So, I created an organic skincare ritual, that encourages women to set aside time for themselves, whilst using my artisan, chemical free products.

Whilst you were starting up how did you balance home life with work?

I am starting my business at 57 years old. My partner and I run the business together. Our children are all adult and doing their own thing. We only have ourselves to consider. We decided from the outset how we were going to use our time. So we set aside when we wished to work, rest and play.

What's your top tip for effective sales and marketing?

As a small business, it's not possible to sell to everyone. What is your niche? Work out who your ideal customer is and gear your sales and marketing to talk to them.

Which tools could you not live without in your business?

As I formulate my own skincare products, I need accurate scales and measuring vessels.

What movie, song or book offers you the most business inspiration and why?

Dorothy Rowe's The Successful Self. To move my business forward, it is important not to have limiting beliefs. This book (and others by the same author) offer great insights in to the way we think. By understanding myself, it feels like I have more tools available to me to help me succeed.

What's been your biggest business success to date?

In the first year, I won a national award for our organic facial cleanser.

Pink&Green Skincare LogoIf you had to live on a desert island with one entrepreneur who would it be and why?

Jo Malone. She had a similar start to her skincare brand to me; making her first products in her kitchen. She is passionate about what she does and continues to re-invent herself.

What are your ambitions for the next five years?

I wish to help more women enjoy quality time and nourish and nurture their skin. I want to see Pink&Green products being used throughout the UK in small and medium sized salons. Also, create a network of ambassadors throughout the UK teaching others the benefits of looking after their skin. A men's range will also follow.

How does being a member of Enterprise Nation help your business grow?

Having these amount of top quality resources at your fingertips saves valuable time and energy. Not only is it my go-to place for up to the minute advice but I can be connected with the right people for the right job who help me steer my business much more quickly than if I went it alone.

For more information visit the Pink&Green Skincare website and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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