Me and My Van: Jimmy's Iced Coffee - Plus, win a makeover for your company van!

Me and My Van: Jimmy's Iced Coffee - Plus, win a makeover for your company van!
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Posted: Mon 29th Jul 2013

How important is your van to your business? That's what we're asking over the next four months as we profile small businesses with vans and look at how they use their vehicles to 'drive' their business forward.

Me and My Van is also offering you the opportunity to win a makeover for your company van, courtesy of AXA Business Insurance and Easisigns. The winning entrant will also earn a video profile to feature on both Enterprise Nation and AXA's YouTube channel. To enter, just fill out the form below our our profile of Jimmy's Iced Coffee below.

Me and My Van: Jimmy Cregan of Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Q. Can you tell use about your business please?

Jimmy: "I went to Oz with my wife after getting bored of UK winters. I found amazing ready-to-drink iced coffee over there and fell in love with it. When I returned to the UK, nobody was making great iced coffee, so I had to make my own.

"It's myself and my sister Suzie working on the business. We outsource production and manage everything else ourselves. We launched in April 2011 in Selfridges and now have accounts with Waitrose, Budgens, WH Smith Travel, Welcome Break, Ocado and we've got BP and Tesco launching in September. Exciting times!"

Q. Now tell us a little bit about your van! For example, what make and model is it? And have you given it a name?

Jimmy: "The truck was kindly given to us by Nikki King, the MD of ISUZU Trucks after I appeared on a show with her for the Radio 5 Live show 'On The Money'. I asked her nicely to borrow a truck for the summer so we could do sampling and she agreed! She has given us a top of the range ISUZU UTAH D-MAX and it certainly does the job. It's simply called 'The Truck of Destiny'."

Q. How do you use your van in your business?

Jimmy: "There are heaps of uses for the ISUZU. The best use is for sampling campaigns. We can fill the back up to the brim with ice and iced coffee so it's like a giant cool box. It's great to have a double cab so you can fit five (dressed in silly Jimmy's suits) comfortably with room for more stock and event bits. I'm also really looking forward to using it as a pool for surfers to chill in between heats at competitions. Simply fill up the back with water, hop in and enjoy!"

Q. How did your business change when you acquired your van?

Jimmy: "Internally, it got a whole lot more comfortable. Having cruise control, hands-free mobile, being higher up and access to a little more speed when you need it is great. It's a far cry from our SUZUKI Wagon R! Externally, it's a real head turner."

Q. If your van is branded, what kind of feedback have you received from it? Has it won you new business?

Jimmy: "The van has been branded by the awesome guys at UTWS in New Milton. The back is made to look like a giant retro cool box and the front wrap has been done in a matt finish so it's a joy to look at. It's a real crowd puller at events and people love hearing all about it."

Win a makeover for your van - plus a video profile to promote your business

To enter, just answer the question below and we'll enter you into the prize draw. We'll pick a winning entry after the competition closes on 31st October.

Fill out my online form.

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  • This competition is open to any small business owner in the UK who owns a van. Van size up to and including a Medium Wheel Base Ford Transit Van or Similar. The van will have to be made available at the Easisigns workshop in Wimbledon SW19 for the installation.

  • The competition will run from July 1st to October 31st 2013.

  • One winner will be chosen to win vehicle graphics for their van courtesy of Easisigns.

  • The winner agrees to have their business and van promoted through a profile on the Enterprise Nation site and via video footage.

  • All entrants agree to have their details shared with Me and My Van supporters, AXA Van Insurance and Easisigns.

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