Me and My Van: Farm Direct - Plus, win a makeover for your company van!

Me and My Van: Farm Direct - Plus, win a makeover for your company van!
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Posted: Mon 1st Jul 2013

How important is your van to your business? That's what we're asking over the next four months as we profile small businesses with vans and look at how they use their vehicles to 'drive' their business forward.

Me and My Van is also offering you the opportunity to win a makeover for your company van, courtesy of AXA Business Insurance and Easisigns. The winning entrant will also earn a video profile to feature on both Enterprise Nation and AXA's YouTube channel. To enter, just fill out the form below our first profile - Farm Direct.

Me and My Van: Robert Barker of Farm Direct

Q. Please tell us a little bit about your business.

Robert: "We're an independent business serving locally produced food to North London postcodes from Hampstead to Homerton, based in Highbury. We have a depot there from where we run a four day per week service (Friday to Monday) offering delivery slots over these four days, as well as a 'click and collect' service and a walk-in retail service. too. We offer a wide range of products from home county farms, London food producers, and other English producers, too - with a couple of Welsh ones as well!"

Q. Now tell us a little bit about your van! For example, what make and model is it? And have you given it a name?

Robert: "We have a pair of Renault Trafic refrigerated vans SL27 DCI 115s. And, no, we don't really have names for them!"

Q. How do you use your vans in Farm Direct?

Robert: "In two main ways. Firstly, to collect produce and products from local farms, we drive out twice a week into the home counties. Secondly, we use the van for our home delivery service, delivering to our customers."

Me and My Van | Farm Direct

Q. How did your business change when you bought your van? Robert: "We invested in them fairly quickly - within nine months - as they were pretty important to our service. But having them branded gave us a significant pick up in volumes. We keep them dotted around Islington, so people can see them, and they certainly help to maintain awareness and promote who we are."

Q. What kind of feedback have you received for the branding? Has it won you new business?

Robert: "Yes the vans are branded with our logo and give a basic description of the service, too. We've received positive feedback on it from customers and there's no doubt the vans have helped us to generate business. We don't have retail premises, so they're an important way for us build awareness of who we are and what we do."

Win a makeover for your van - plus a video profile to promote your business

Enter the Me and My Van competition to be in with a chance of winning a van makeover from Easisigns so you can be turning heads as you turn corners! Supported by @AXABizTeam, Me and My Van is offering a fully branded van makeover, plus a video profile to feature on both Enterprise Nation and AXA's YouTube channel. To enter, just answer the question below and we'll enter you into the prize draw. We'll pick a winning entry after the competition closes on 31st October.

Fill out my online form.

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  • This competition is open to any small business owner in the UK who owns a van. Van size up to and including a Medium Wheel Base Ford Transit Van or Similar. The van will have to be made available at the Easisigns workshop in Wimbledon SW19 for the installation.

  • The competition will run from July 1st to October 31st 2013.

  • One winner will be chosen to win vehicle graphics for their van courtesy of Easisigns.

  • The winner agrees to have their business and van promoted through a profile on the Enterprise Nation site and via video footage.

  • All entrants agree to have their details shared with Me and My Van supporters, AXA Van Insurance and Easisigns.

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