Lunch and Learn: Winning language for your business

Anya Zhuravkiina
Anya ZhuravkiinaWinning Language

Posted: Fri 22nd May 2020

How can you use language to make the winning difference? This Lunch and Learn will get you thinking about the language of your brand and how you can use language to engage your customers, stand out from the competition, and make your written and spoken pitches more impactful.

Anya Zhuravkina is founder of Winning Language. Previously a language director at KPMG, Anya now helps a vast array of small and big businesses use language more effectively in sales.

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Anya Zhuravkiina
Anya ZhuravkiinaWinning Language
I help to make your language more compelling to get people to listen to you, to trust you and to help you win. Why have I set up a business to do this? Because I believe if you change the way you use words, you can change anything. You can change the way you think, so you see things more clearly and approach them more creatively. And you can change the way other people think, so they see things more clearly.  ​You can get them to listen in a world of noise.  You can get them to trust you before you’ve even met.  You can persuade them to play a part in your story. This change lasts. It’s not a cheap trick or a temporary fix. It’s about shifting mindsets, behaviour and culture. 

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