Lunch and Learn: Why PR will be the 2024 powerhouse

Posted: Fri 8th Dec 2023

The right PR campaign can increase your exposure, generate marketing content, boost your website visitors, position yourself as a figure of authority in your industry, increase business opportunities and more.

In this Lunch and Learn, Stacey Karlsson unravels the secrets behind the PR powerhouse. She shares practical tips on how to use PR effectively for your business and dives into real-world examples of successful PR campaigns that can guide your business to new heights.

Stacey is the cheese-munching master baker of Goho, as well as the founder and managing director. She started Goho after becoming disillusioned with the industry and how clients were treated, focusing on how many hours were billed rather than creative output, customer service and results.

She has over 16 years of award-winning marketing campaigns and events and is an active member, coach and mentor for Bloom UK.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover why PR is essential in 2024

  • Learn how to utilise PR for your business

  • Access to PR campaign examples

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