Lunch and Learn: How to approach wellbeing as a small business owner

Carmanah Mackenzie
Carmanah MackenzieCarmanah Mackenzie Ltd.

Posted: Tue 26th Apr 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, wellbeing consultant Carmanah Mackenzie lays out a simple approach to wellbeing, specifically for entrepreneurs.

Carmanah also shares her own experiences from her business journey so far.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Wellbeing best practice

  • How to apply that best practice as an entrepreneur or small business owner


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Carmanah Mackenzie
Carmanah MackenzieCarmanah Mackenzie Ltd.
I started my business in one sweet sentence, because I wanted to help people be happy and healthy. It may sound cliché but for a good reason because it’s true. Life is short. Too often I see successful entrepreneurs and CEOs working away their life, with no opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Between wellbeing consulting and coaching, I am on a mission to create happier and healthier leaders and workforces. Health and mindset is the foundation of any happy and fulfilled life. This is a fact. This is my expertise. My life is now dedicated to helping people learn how to take better care of their health and mindset so they can truly make the most out of life. It is the most rewarding work I could ever imagine: revolutionizing people’s lives. Will you be next?

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