Lunch and Learn: How to work productively and find your focus

Posted: Thu 14th May 2020

Struggling to stay motivated, work productively or balance work with your home life?

In this Lunch and Learn, business consultant Emma Mills-Sheffield explains how to become more productive, providing advice and tips on how to prioritise, increase your output, and find balance and focus.

Emma runs Mindsetup to help businesses become more efficient, productive and resilient. Through her consultancy and coaching, businesses get clear on their strategy and put her recommendations into practice.

This isn't about working harder or for longer, it's about working smarter so you can cope better.

Emma Mills-Sheffield started Mindsetup after spending 15 years in industry leading major sales projects, process improvements, training programmes, workshop facilitation and coaching. She worked for KPMG, WSP and in the creative and digital industries and has experience across the public sector, FTSE100 and Fortune500 companies. As an independent business consultant, she now focuses on helping businesses drive efficiency and productivity and build resilience to get the best from their organisation but also importantly for their employees. Her approach is based on identifying how businesses can run more efficiently and through coaching and training how employees can develop and thrive in the workplace. But more importantly, and what sets Emma apart, is her experience in resilience, growth, empathy and knowing that life is short, which means she offers a very different approach to coaching and business consultancy. Her mantra is “life is short” as she believes in having fun at work as well as working hard. Emma is also one of 2020’s f:Entrepreneurs which celebrates female entrepreneurs, is a Fellow of the RSA, the Chair of the Board for the charity Grassroots Suicide Prevention and mentors many small businesses and students. Typically she works with businesses on: - Business strategy & planning - Leadership coaching - Operational efficiency - Organisational development - Team development

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