Lunch and Learn: How to restore work-life balance in 2023

Tammy Whalen Blake
Tammy Whalen BlakePersonal Development CoachGo To Yellow

Posted: Fri 2nd Dec 2022

In this Lunch and Learn, Tammy Blake, an award-winning global personal development coach, explains how to start 2023 in the best way possible, avoiding that dreaded burnout along the way. You'll also develop a better understanding of how you can benefit from business coaching and guided support.

Tammy has applied her own experiences to help guide overwhelmed professionals and business owners towards restoring their work-life balance without sacrificing success.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn how to prioritise tasks

  • Understand how to make the most of the present

  • Become a better leader for your organisation as well as yourself

Tammy Whalen Blake
Tammy Whalen BlakePersonal Development CoachGo To Yellow
I am a personal development leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and unwavering optimist devoted to getting business owners to achieve business results without overworking. My core values – success, time, balance – have made me a natural leader and a deep believer in the importance of life beyond the workplace. I honour the lessons I learnt on my painful journey of growth, which took me down a path of embarrassing mistakes, heartaches, redundancy, weight issues and massive debt before I reached my glory. After turning my back on the corporate world, I courageously built my own successful business, crafting systems that run like clockwork, empowering my team to believe in the mission and giving myself the freedom to do more in less time. Now, I share my lessons, experiences and innate abilities to free others, setting them on their own path to growth, guiding them as they design a fulfilled and purposeful business and life.

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