Lunch and Learn: Elevate your start-up's brand awareness and growth

Kiki Bhaur
Kiki Bhaur9 Designs

Posted: Mon 8th Jul 2024

Building a start-up can feel like your business is invisible. But how do you get noticed and get those eyeballs on your brand?

In this Lunch and Learn, Kiki Bhaur shares a few big-brand strategies, which he has helped start-ups implement to skyrocket their brand awareness and attract the clients they've been dreaming of. He dives into practical, immediately actionable, no-nonsense strategies to get your brand noticed and grow fast!

Kiki is the FUN brand strategist. He helps businesses formulate and implement effective brand strategies while ensuring there is FUN in the process. He's also the founder of 9 Designs, a branding agency that has built over 50 brands.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover strategies to build and grow your brand effectively, ensuring long-term success and visibility

  • Find out practical steps to increase your brand's visibility in the market, attract the right audience and generate more interest

  • Gain insights into why a well-defined brand strategy is crucial for your start-up's growth and how to implement one that works

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Kiki Bhaur
Kiki Bhaur9 Designs
Growing up, I wasn’t exactly an academic success and went through a cringe-worthy “wannabe rudeboy” phase. 😆 I had a burning desire to jump into the working world, starting in basic sales roles before interning at Canary Wharf Group PLC. This experience ignited my passion for business and strategy, working on projects for Shell & Qatari Diar. I pursued real estate investment education and launched side-businesses in property sourcing and design services. Later, I joined a PropTech startup and participated in the Techstars Accelerator in Toronto, gaining expertise from North America's top executives. Frustrated by outdated methods in big companies, I founded 9 Designs in 2017, a branding agency for real estate clients. Over time, I shifted towards creating a positive impact, proving that profit and impact can coexist. In 2021, I launched Kiki Bhaur - Brand Strategy & Consulting, making brand strategy actionable and FUN. I work with startups and SMEs, offering strategy workshops and execution. My mission is to build 1000 profitable, standout, and positive impact brands while ensuring we have FUN in the process. 😎 I work with Startups & SMEs to Provide: Brand Strategy Workshops Brand Strategy Execution Brand Design, Website & Digital In summary, what I’m promising you is if we work together, we can: A) help your brand reach its goals + be profitable B) help make a positive impact to socially, environmentally and economically C) Make the process FUN! If you need help with your brand, send me a message and we can grab a room. To chat that is... 👀 __https://www.kikibhaur.coEmail: ciao@kikibhaur.coLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kikibhaur/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kikibhaur/Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kikibhaur

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