business.connected: How to build an online presence

David Tan
David TanDirector/Founder8pron

Posted: Tue 2nd Aug 2022

In this free 30-minute webinar, digital expert David Tan offers key insights into how you grow your business online by building your presence.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Why it’s important to create an online presence

  • Top tips to create a great online presence and build your community

  • How to apply your plan to your business

This webinar is part of the Lunch and Learn series for the business.connected programme. 


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David Tan
David TanDirector/Founder8pron
A founder and entrepreneur. Although I carry the labels, I always consider myself a project manager. I love thinking, planning, and executing different projects, from charity food events to education, children, church, and community. As a Proud jack of all trades, I love trying different techniques and plans and learning from many great people in life. I love solving problems. I started my own small company, the 8pron.com project, to help small businesses. Having 3 generations of food businesses in my background, I am always passionate about food businesses. In our current era, almost no business can say they don't need technology and having a digital presence is essential even for the home kitchen or food stall vendors. My current 8pron project is precisely why I created it for. What I can offer: General Start-up advice and steps to achieve it How to set up a food business in the UK How to build an online presence Essential digital marketing that you need for your business How to network and create a community How to Trademark Budget ways get essential business start-up What mistake to avoid as a Business Owner. How to set up events Many others There's a way when there's will. We will solve any problems and explore new ideas together. Current project: www.8pron.com Don's Kitchen (Australia)

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