Lunch and Learn: PR on a budget – simple strategies for tech start-ups

Jane Griffin
Jane GriffinPositive Story PR consultancy

Posted: Thu 11th May 2023

In this Lunch and Learn webinar, Jane Griffin, chartered PR practitioner and founder of Positive Story PR Consultancy, explores practical and affordable public relations (PR) strategies for tech start-ups. Jane also shares simple methods for how you can get PR for your business before bringing a PR consultant on board.

Prior to founding Positive Story in February 2021, Jane was media relations director at a London PR consultancy, advising technology, industrial and energy clients launching businesses in new sectors and geographical markets.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover top tips for developing a basic PR strategy for your tech start-up

  • Find out ideas for newsworthy stories for your tech start-up

  • Learn how to leverage your PR success

Jane Griffin
Jane GriffinPositive Story PR consultancy
Do you want to win more business or investment? Do you feel your company isn't getting noticed? Or do you have a potential issue that you don't want to damage your reputation? Hi, I'm Jane. I'm a Chartered PR Practioner and I run Positive Story public relations consultancy. I help tech start-ups, engineering and industrial companies to win new business and investment with strategic PR. I maximise business potential using targeted and focused PR campaigns. I also help companies to protect their reputation if there's an issue which could harm their business. I've helped dozens of companies, both large and small, to positively impact their bottom line - firms including Eurotunnel, Network Rail, RBS Group, BAE Systems and Bechtel. After I ran a strategic PR campaign to promote one company's port construction and engineering expertise, its president received a call from a new client who had seen the media coverage and offered them a new contract on a port project in Louisiana. I recently worked with a Dubai-based private equity company to promote their luxury residential development in Chelsea and help them win more investment. I achieved over 25 media articles around the world for that press release including coverage in their key media such as the Evening Standard and Property Week. My current clients include a solar energy developer with projects in the UK, USA, Chile and Australia, which is pivoting its business to become an owner-operator and an engineering tech start-up, which has developed the biggest advance in water treatment technology for 50 years. I'm passionate about using PR, particularly media relations, to drive business success. I love doing what I do - and I know I can help your business. Contact me to organise a free 15-minute chat to find out how I can help you and subscribe to 'The PR Spark' newsletter on LinkedIn, where you'll find tips and advice to help tech start-ups, engineering and industrial companies to win new business and investment. 

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