Johnny Cupcakes' ten tips for starting and growing a unique business

Johnny Cupcakes' ten tips for starting and growing a unique business

How do you rise above the crowd? Johnny Earle, founder of Johnny Cupcakes, came up with these ten tips while talking on Reinventing Your Ideas: How the Little Things Yield Big Results at The Old Cinema in London last night. Enterprise Nation's marketing guru Lorna Bladen noted them down.

Johnny Earle (pictured above, with his mum!) founded his clothing brand Johnny Cupcakes in 2001 and, using a fun bakery theme throughout the business, it's been growing ever since, with flagship stores in London, Los Angeles and Boston, writes Lorna. Here are his top tips for starting and developing a stand-out business.

1. Luck has nothing to do with business success

Johnny saved time and money by staying at home to work on the business whilst his friends went out partying. Keeping focused whilst starting up is essential - time is money and something you can never get back.

2. Build a support network around you

Friends and family are essential to keep yourself motivated while working through the good and sometimes difficult times of starting up a business. Johnny surrounds himself with positive people and makes sure he has a laugh every day!

3. Your customers are your best brand ambassadors

Make your customers feel like it's their birthday every time they make a purchase. Johnny wants his customers to feel emotion when they buy their products by keeping things personal - remember, your customers are your best brand ambassadors.

"Make your customers feel like it's their birthday every time they make a purchase."

Great customer service | Johnny Cupcakes

4. Create packaging that is designed to impress

Good packaging doesn't get thrown away. Make sure you think innovatively with your packaging, as it will get people talking!

5. People skills are the best superpower you can have

Step out of your comfort zone and network with strangers - great business cards that say something about you and your business' personality is essential.

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6. Travel, travel, travel

Johnny began his entrepreneurial journey by travelling America with a suitcase of his unique t-shirts. Travelling to visit potential customers and tradeshows is essential for raising awareness of your start-up.

7. Be original! People like products that nobody else has"¦

Johnny knew that nobody wants to buy regular old t-shirts. When starting up a business, ask yourself 'Why am I different?' and write down ten things that make you stand out.
Retail design | Johnny Cupcakes store, California

8. Create a shopping environment that makes an unforgettable impression

The London Johnny Cupcakes store can be found at 10 Foubert's Place, London.  

9. Collaborate with big businesses

Working with big businesses can drive traffic to your start-up. Johnny Cupcakes worked with Hello Kitty and when they advertised the partnership on their Facebook page, Johnny's website crashed!

10. Little things can yield BIG results

Building a business is a combination of small milestones. All you need is an original idea, motivation and a positive attitude. Thanks for having us at the event Johnny and we look forward to reading your forthcoming business book! Photo credits: Johnny Cupcakes
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