How to write effective sales copy

Zach Goldie
Zach GoldieZG Copywriting

Posted: Tue 19th Sep 2017

Sales and marketing doesn't have to be about 'tricking' people into buying. Instead, it can be about clearly showing who you help and how you help them.

It's a matter of showing you understand your customers' exact goal or issue, along with why your offer is the best choice to achieve that.

In this masterclass Zach Goldie, founder of ZG Copywriting, covers how to:

  • accurately define the prospects that will actually become customers

  • determine why those prospects should choose you over competitors

  • communicate this positioning on your website or other marketing materials

Zach Goldie
Zach GoldieZG Copywriting
I'm an engineer-turned-copywriter, helping companies explain what they do and why prospects should give a damn. This is primarily to boost their marketing without resorting to overhyped or sleazy statements.

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