How much does your business rely on you staying healthy?

How much does your business rely on you staying healthy?
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Posted: Mon 24th Feb 2014

Running your own business is both stressful and rewarding. And every day you strive to make it successful. You probably have strategies in place to grow the business and win new customers. You keep an eye on cashflow and do what you can to maximise profits. And, if things go wrong, in all likelihood you have insurance in place to put them right again.

But how much does the ongoing success of your business depend on your own health? And what would happen if you were ill and had to stop working for a while? If you work on your own would it all come to a shuddering halt if you weren't around? It's all very well if your absence is planned and you take steps in advance to accommodate time off. But it may not be so easy if you have to take time off suddenly or unexpectedly.
And if you're ill and find yourself needing an operation, this could mean a long wait. Frustrating, if you know that surgery would have you fighting fit and ready for work again in a matter of days.

So why, if you're prepared to invest in keeping your business healthy, don't you do the same for yourself? Many people are put off private healthcare because they think it's unaffordable. But if you do a bit of digging, that really needn't be the case.

Special offer for Enterprise Nation readers

Passport2Health offers private healthcare at a cost that can represent a saving of up to as much as 30% compared with other UK private health insurers. For a short time only they are offering Enterprise Nation members one month's free cover for all completed private healthcare applications received by midnight on 28 February 2014.*

In addition, even if you miss the offer of one month's free cover, you can access preferential group rates and an extra 5% discount.

To find out just how affordable private healthcare can be and take advantage of this offer, either give us a call or email us at:

Don't forget to say that you are a member of Enterprise Nation to make sure you qualify for this offer.

*One month's free cover is applied by reducing the annual premium by one twelfth. Where the annual premium is £300, this would reduce to £275 or 12 monthly instalments of £24.10 (there is a 5.15% finance charge applied to monthly instalments). Applications can be completed online on the Passport2Health website, emailed to or posted to Passport2Health, Advent Group, 75-77 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3QQ

Passport2Health is the trading name of Passage2Health Ltd. Registered Company No 7598019. Registered address The London Underwriting Centre, 3 Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7DD. Passage2Health Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Advent Solutions Management Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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