HMRC agrees to meet with businesses affected by VAT MOSS

HMRC agrees to meet with businesses affected by VAT MOSS

Posted: Mon 1st Dec 2014

Following last week's coverage of VAT MOSS and our calling on businesses to act and write to their MEPs, we are delighted that HMRC has agreed to meet with a number of affected businesses to hear their concerns.

High ranking HMRC officials will meet with 10 business owners, hosted at Enterprise Nation offices, for discussion on how VAT MOSS will affect the smallest of businesses and, as a result, suggested improvements for the information, support and guidance HMRC can provide.

Eventhough it appears unlikely the rule can be paused (it was unanimously agreed as part of an EU VAT package in 2008), it is time to assess the impact on small business and explore opportunity to campaign at a European level for change so the rule does not deter digital entrepreneurs from selling into the EU which goes against the trend towards greater international trade via the internet.

We will report on the outcome of this meeting via the blog and Enterprise Nation twitter account - stay tuned for developments!

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Read the campaign evolving:

Meeting with HMRC officials will be:

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