Help to Grow: Digital – Building user journeys to help you spend your voucher

Help to Grow: Digital – Building user journeys to help you spend your voucher
Emma Jones
Emma JonesOfficial

Posted: Mon 23rd Aug 2021

Later this year the government will open the Help to Grow: Digital scheme, to provide small businesses (with five or more employees) with a £5,000 voucher to spend on software with accredited software providers.

Money will be matched so eligible businesses will receive £2,500 from government and match this with their own funds to make the purchase.

The programme is going live with a focus on three categories of software: CRM, e-commerce and accounting.

At Enterprise Nation, we believe strongly in all the evidence that shows businesses are more likely to benefit from software purchases if there is training on how to embed and use that software in the business.

For that reason, and working in partnership with Vodafone, we are building dedicated user journeys for Help to Grow: Digital participants that will direct you to the following:

  • Video training on ‘how’ to use the purchased software in your business – this will be sourced via a combination of in-house training materials from the software providers themselves, as well as content produced by digital advisers who operate on Enterprise Nation and are experts in the software technologies e.g. Wix specialists, Intuit accountants etc.

  • Digital advisers – with whom you can have free calls to ask them questions on how to implement the software and get the greatest return

  • Dedicated peer group – in each of the three topics so there will be an online group in which you can talk with other businesses who got a voucher for CRM, ecommerce, or accounting – to ask after experiences from fellow founders.

We are awaiting release of the final list of selected software providers and will work to ensure there is how-to education on all their products in a single place so it’s easy for you to access and keep track via your personalised support dashboard.

This builds on the work of the business.connected programme that has seen hours of digital training reaching over 25,000 businesses via 20 accredited advisers and 27 training events since the programme went live in May 2021.

We can see your demand for more content on how to build a strong digital presence and business and we will keep growing the education in line with Help to Grow: Digital and all other feedback received from the Enterprise Nation community.

Emma Jones
Emma JonesOfficial
Following a degree in Law and Japanese, Emma joined international accounting firm Arthur Andersen, where she worked in London, Leeds and Manchester offices and set up the firm's Inward Investment practice that attracted overseas companies to locate in the UK. In 2000, bitten by the bug, Emma left the firm to start her first business, Techlocate. After 15 months, the company was successfully sold to Tenon plc. The experience of starting, growing and selling a business from a home base gave Emma the idea for Enterprise Nation which was launched in 2006 as the home business website. The company has since expanded to become a small business membership community of over 75,000 people who benefit from events and support: online and in person. Enterprise Nation also presents a campaigning voice to government and the media on behalf of its members. In 2021, Emma was awarded a CBE for services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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