Hatch a plan this Easter

Hatch a plan this Easter
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Posted: Fri 3rd Apr 2015

With a first quarter under your belt, Easter is the ideal time to press the pause button, reflect on how the year has started and plan for the months ahead. Here's some planning considerations.

Starting Out

If you're considering starting a business and becoming your own boss, this four day break is a great time to start! Take one small step towards the dream by writing a business plan, starting a blog, buying a domain name or simply making or selling a product or service.

Start A Business For £99

Just in time for Easter, we've released a book to help you on your way! 'Start a business for £99' offers all you need to know to make a start, without breaking the bank. StartUp Saturday, our popular one-day business class is also a must!

Scaling Up

If it's business growth that's on your mind, Easter is the time to plan and prepare for it. Consider:

  • Where is the room for growth; what new opportunities and revenue streams have you identified this year? It could be introducing a new product, leveraging a new technology, or entering new markets. The world is your oyster and you now have four days to contemplate the right next move.

  • The business plan; are you on target with this year's plan or does it need revising based on performance in the first three months? Get that plan out and have a read to ensure you're still heading in the right direction.

  • Team resource; if you employ other people in the company, have a think about how they are being rewarded and if they are sufficiently motivated and in the right roles. Are there gaps in the team? If so, who could plug them or who have you recently met who is so good that you'd create a role for them?!

  • Capital; are there sufficient funds in the bank to support the expansion? The best expansion is paid for through cashflow but you may need to consider an extra boost. Where will that come from and what work needs to be done to raise it eg getting EIS or SEIS registered for angel investment or talking to the bank in advance of needing an overdraft or credit line.

  • Support; are there areas of the business in which you would value advice? The government's Growth Vouchers programme may have come to an end but the marketplace on which 12,000+ advisers have a profile is still very much alive. Visit the marketplace to surround yourself with the experts and professionals who can help with growth.

Outside the Easter eggs and family time, try to carve some time to celebrate the first quarter and plan for an equally successful next.

Happy Easter from Enterprise Nation! :)

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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