Happy Mothers Day and Happy Birthday to .com!

Happy Mothers Day and Happy Birthday to .com!
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Posted: Sun 15th Mar 2015

Wishing all entrepreneurial Mums a restful and relaxing day as you turn away from the screen and business plan to family and pampering! On the same day, Happy Birthday to .com which is 30 years old today and represented the beginning of the commercial internet.

The birth of .com

Although its origins can be traced back to the 1960s, the foundations on which the Internet was built as we know it today date back to the 1980s. And this is due primarily to the development of TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol), which allowed different computers to communicate with one another via a single network.

The logical consequence of this was the creation of the first Internet sites in the 1980s, which is when the first domain name extensions came about. One of these 'traditional' extensions, which is nowadays considered to be the most well-known and most-used extension in the world, is the '.com'. Being among the first to use the web for commercial purposes, was the first .com domain to be registered, on 15 March 1985.

A site for everyone

As the commercial internet has taken off, so has the need for a web presence. No small business should be without its own quality window to the world. And there's now no excuse with template website providers such as Moonfruit enabling you to get online for less than the cost of a bottle of scent for Mum on Mother's Day!

There is much talk in the UK today on how small businesses can make the most of the digital opportunity; to get online, to sell online, and communicate with customers online.

The technologies are available (at low cost) - all you need do is grasp the opportunity of finding out how these technologies can help your business start and grow. Look for advice via campaigns such as Enterprise Nation's Go and Grow Online, supported by the company behind .com, Verisign, and even look on your own High Street as companies such as Argos and Google come to a town near you to offer training in digital skills for business.

But for today, back to enjoying the celebrations that come with Mother's Day and 30 Year Happy Birthday to .com!

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