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From Corporate to Calm with Linda Monahan

From Corporate to Calm with Linda Monahan
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Posted: Fri 2nd Dec 2022

Linda Monahan is a podcast host and corporate wellbeing trainer. She's the owner of the successful 'Corporate to Calm' podcast, where she chats to (mostly female) people who have left the corporate world in search of a new journey.

Since leaving the corporate world herself in 2017 – after having two children and no longer wanting the demands of a corporate working week – Linda trained as a personal trainer, then later a pilates instructor. That proved very successful online during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Unfortunately, Linda suffered from two bouts of COVID, which unfortunately left her suffering from long COVID. It was at that time she was forced to reassess her career, as she was unable to continue her pilates classes. She then started her podcast and moved into the wellness space.

Linda recently attended the Enterprise Nation Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, an in-person event hosted at Meta's Dublin offices for aspiring and inspiring women in business. We caught up with Linda at the event to ask about her experience with Meta's #SheMeansBusiness programme.

Linda, how did your podcast come about?

About five months after I had COVID originally, I got it again, and it was like my body reset. It was like it completely changed my life, my mind, my everything. What came as a bad experience turned into such a positive one for me professionally – it was great.

In March 2021 I started the podcast. My corporate journey had come to an end in 2017 and I suppose it was like a death, because I didn't really want it to come to an end. It was like a grieving process.

The podcast is really about finding your calm wherever you are. It's about learning what was the motivation for the guests – their catalyst to move from Corporate to Calm. People don't necessarily want to leave corporate jobs, they just feel they have to because it doesn't suit them anymore.

I have four seasons of the podcast which is out on all podcast platforms – my latest season has just launched. As well as women leaving corporate to pursue other things, I do have two or three men on each season.

When did you first come across the #SheMeansBusiness programme?

I have a picture of me from November 2019 in the Facebook building, when I went to a #SheMeansBusiness event there and it was really good. That was my first introduction to the programme.

They were doing fireside chats and panels; it was a huge event. I actually met a person at that event who I interviewed subsequently on the podcast. I always come to these events with the purpose of networking.

How much do you use social media for your business?

It's such a good way to connect to your audience – especially Instagram for me. I haven't focused on Facebook that much lately and I probably need to get back to that audience. But definitely Instagram is a great way to meet people.

Have you done any of the #SheMeansBusiness online courses?

I've done a couple of online courses. I did a 'How to promote your business on Facebook' course.

It was a great reminder that Facebook is shared more than Instagram – people don't tend to share your posts as much on Instagram as they're afraid it'll ruin their grid. But with Facebook, they're happy to share.

The next priority on my list of things to do is learn how to use personalised ads on Facebook.

Because you get to do a kind of elevator pitch in the sessions, I actually got two more podcast guests from the last #SheMeansBusiness webinar I attended.

Any tips for those considering the #SheMeansBusiness webinars?

One of my takeaways from the online courses is you get so much more out of it with your camera on. I'd strongly suggest that participants turn everything else off for the time of the webinar and give it that full focus.


SheMeansBusiness, from Meta and Enterprise Nation


Enterprise Nation is working with Meta to support women across the UK and Ireland in growing their businesses online.

Our accredited #SheMeansBusiness trainers will tell you how to best use Meta and the Meta family of apps to grow your business.

To meet the trainers and sign up for events and courses, visit our #SheMeansBusiness page.

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