Free eBook and email course on how to run successful events

Free eBook and email course on how to run successful events
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Enterprise Nation
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Posted: Mon 30th Mar 2015

Events are a proven route to increasing sales, raising profile and becoming an expert in your field. That's why Enterprise Nation has partnered with Eventbrite to offer a free eBook and email training course which offers all you need to know to organise and host a successful event of your own.

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Without too much work and a little smart planning, events can offer big rewards, including:

  • PR buzz

  • Project your business as a thought leader

  • Increase demand for your product/service by educating the market

  • Generate leads and help close sales

  • Build a community around your company and increase loyalty "¨

These are just a few of the benefits, and great events can achieve all the above in one go! "¨

Want to learn more? Sign up to the free email course or download the eBook now and you'll learn:

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  • How to pick the right event for your business so it aligns with your goals

  • Run an event on a limited budget

  • Promote your event in a few easy steps

  • Get all the essentials right, so your attendees have a great time

  • Follow-up to gain even more benefits after the event has finished

Sign up to the course - for free!

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If you sign up for the course, then each day you'll receive one email, covering the full course in the space of a week. Or simply download the eBook and read all the tips in one go!

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise Nation
Enterprise Nation
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