Fabio Cerullo to give cyber security tips at Dublin drop-in session

Fabio Cerullo to give cyber security tips at Dublin drop-in session

Posted: Fri 27th May 2022

Fabio Cerullo is managing director of Cycubix, a Dublin based cyber security consultancy and training firm, providing services to customers both in Ireland and abroad.

He will be attending the Dublin drop-in event on Tuesday 31 May 2022 to join our panel discussion and impart his cyber security wisdom.

What is the message you are looking to get across to the audience at the Dublin drop-in event on Tuesday?

I will be happy to discuss current trends and give advice to individuals on how to better protect their families and businesses from cyber-attacks.

I will be giving some tips on how to mitigate those risks, whether it is someone hacking your social media account or someone who is trying to impersonate you to break into your organisation or leverage your connections.

Can you give us three examples of how businesses are being subject to a cyber security attack?

CEO Freud - There is an issue at the moment where the attackers are getting a hold of employee emails and sending ‘urgent’ emails as if they have come from the CEO.

They are impersonating the CEO because they know that the pressure from a CEO in the organisation is not questioned - people tend to act immediately.

They might authorise bank transactions or give away access to systems – it is all about using pressure and urgency so employees will react without questioning it. The hackers know what strings to pull because a cyber-attack usually stems from a human behaviour.

Vishing and Smishing – this is where you will get a text saying there is an Amazon package for you ‘click here’ or you will receive a call out of the blue and they will ask you for payment details for a customs charge.

They ask for credit card details so they can release the item to you. If you happen to have bought something online lately you can easily fall victim to this scam.

WhatsApp – this is quite a nasty one doing the rounds. The bad guys will reach out and they will try to convince you to send a code to them, and if you do that you essentially give them access to your WhatsApp account. In order to mitigate that you need to enable two factor authentication in the WhatsApp account.

What should businesses be doing today to improve their cyber security?

The use of two factor authentication to mitigate all these issues is quite a powerful one. It has become my mantra.

Digital Drop-in Dublin

Want to make more secure choices for your business? Why not pop along to the Digital drop-in session on Tuesday 31 May 2022 in Microsoft’s offices in Leopardstown, Dublin.

The free event will feature a panel discussion with  Go and Grow Online trainers Geraldine SwanepoelGillian Daly and Fabio Cerullo were they will share their experience and tips for gaining success online. Including an opportunity to pick their brains in our small group consultancy sessions.

The crowd will also hear from Studio Dancewear owner Jane Byrne as she talks about the changes she made to her business in order to survive the pandemic and tackle the implications of Brexit.

Find out more about this event and register here.

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