Entrepreneurial Women: Monthly Mingle with Lisa Clunie

Lisa Clunie
Lisa Clunielisa@thrivestudios.co.uk

Posted: Tue 14th Dec 2021

Watch back: Monthly Mingle with Lisa Clunie

A monthly event which offers the opportunity to step away from your business or side-hustle and get inspired by an entrepreneurial woman making waves in their industry.

This month we welcome Lisa Clunie, director, Thrive Studios.

About Lisa Clunie

Lisa Clunie is a branding and design consultant. She has worked in branding and design for over 25 years, working with international corporates to agencies in London and the south. She set up her own design agency in 2012 but soon realised that it was brand strategy that was really needed to help businesses to grow and stand out in this crowded and noisy world. Lisa now works as a consultant, working with start-ups to medium organisations, runs workshops and speaks at events. With her passion, creativity and enthusiasm she is determined to help you understand your customers, transform their experience and ensure you secure the benefits.

She has a fascination with psychology, especially how people form emotional relationships with products and companies. After going through some personal difficulties, which lead to anxiety and self-doubt, she has come through it stronger and more determined than ever. Now she wants to help other women, especially in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s+, find who they are through personal branding. To build a strong brand that shows who they are, showing their values, giving them confidence to show up, and watch them grow and thrive.

We chat to Lisa about her experiences as a leader and career to date. Grab a coffee and get inspired.

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Lisa Clunie
Lisa Clunielisa@thrivestudios.co.uk
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