What Enterprise Nation’s Irish members learned from 2022

What Enterprise Nation’s Irish members learned from 2022
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Posted: Thu 29th Dec 2022

As 2022 draws to a close some of us might be glad to see the back of it, and others sad to leave one of their best years yet!

Whichever way you feel about 2022 it might be helpful to reflect on the year and see what it has taught you about yourself and your business.

We asked some of our lovely Enterprise Nation Ireland members to share their reflections with us, so we can all take away something from their learnings.

On reflection, what has 2022 taught you (business or personal)?

Tara Elzingre, owner of Parene and Enterprise Nation Cork local leader.

2022 has taught me that preparation can only get you so far. This year I feel we all hesitated to go in full heartedly for a few reasons - fear of everything shutting down again, grappling with higher costs, and anxiety and overwhelm are some of the aftershocks of restrictions and lockdowns

Preparation can only take us so far and so in my mind it’s time we start moving forward with our plans for growth.

Catherine Murnin, owner of The Wellbeing Pathway

2022 has taught me that taking some risks and committing to daily habits has helped my business and my mindset grow.

Paddy McDermott, owner of Bax&Max

Things are seldom as bad (or as good) as we see them at the time. We have a habit of overblowing our current status because of the environment and our reaction to it. It's important to step back and take a breath!

In light of the point above, it heightens the need for kindness to be shown to people one comes across in whatever circumstances. Don't always think the worst of somebody even if it's easier said than done.

Sine Dunne, owner of Siest Sleep

Nothing beats a network and meeting people in person. I joined Enterprise Nation and Network Ireland and both were, and are, invaluable.

I now only choose goals that actually motivate me. Not ones I think I should have. My personal health focus was getting strong. I read the book Atomic Habits and it resonated. I did the plank every day for 60 seconds, for three months - now I actually consistently do pilates. Sounds tiny but for me this was huge to consistently do an exercise. I finally retrained my “I don't do organised exercise” brain.

Tenacity is essential. I got more "No" than "Yes" this year but I've never felt more proud because I was ambitious and focussed.

Sarah Blake, owner of Earthology

2022 has taught me that people want to take action to make their businesses more sustainable but that most don't know where to start. They're afraid of what they don't know.

Yvonne Reddin, owner at

It taught me that collaborations can be very effective and beneficial for your business. I have had some amazing ones this year. I have learned to stop devaluing what I can do and stop being a ‘busy fool’.

I now know I can help other people self-publish a book as I have published my first one, two weeks ago. I also did some ghost-writing this year and thoroughly enjoyed helping people get their stories on paper and into a book format.

I have learned to concentrate on one or two things at a time as I got overwhelmed trying to do too much all at the same time this year.

Nadija Bajrami, owner at Nadija Bajrami Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching

I learned I need to practice what I preach. As a trauma and empowerment specialist, as well as an intuitive development mentor, I help people unleash their inner hero through developing self-love and establishing proper self-care routines. And that's what I have finally started implementing in my own life. We can't pour from an empty cup!

Samantha Kelly, owner of Tweeting Goddess

Plan for the unexpected - my husband was sick in hospital and I had to take time off work for hospital visits and my head wasn't in the right place for work at all. But thanks to my team around me, they were able to help by engaging with my clients - and it also showed me how understanding and kind people are.

Orla Kelly, owner of Orla Kelly Publishing

It taught me that what happens around me can be unpredictable but that I need to keep focused on doing what I love, and keep reminding myself of why I started my own business and the legacy I want to leave on the world. Not from an ego perspective but from a big-picture perspective.

I really believe I've found my purpose in helping authors communicate in ways that are natural, reflect who they really are, and are authentic - this will show in the content and quality of the books I produce.

It also made me reflect that I need to set more boundaries around my working day so I can switch off and spend more time with people I love, and this is something I am committed to for 2023.

Whatever 2022 had in store for you, we wish you the very best as you leave it behind and jump forward into 2023. Happy New Year!

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