Easy money: 5 ways to monetise your existing assets

Easy money: 5 ways to monetise your existing assets
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Posted: Wed 2nd Oct 2013

Never mind looking for money down the back of your sofa, have you thought about renting out the sofa itself?

Thousands of people, in the UK, are making hundreds of pounds each month, renting out spare rooms, driveways, advertising spaces they never knew they had... San Sharma (@sansharma) is editor of the Enterprise Nation blog If you'd like to top up your income, or take a tentative step towards becoming your own boss, check out these 5 ways to monetize your existing assets.

  1. Rent out your spare room. If you've got the space in your house, a spare room or unused property somewhere, rent it out at a price you set, using Airbnb. There are over 350,000 Airbnb 'hosts', serving over 8 million guests in 192 countries - and they're all protected by a £600,000 'Host Guarantee', so you don't have to worry too much about someone walking off with your valuables!

  2. Turn your home into a film set. Even the most ordinary of homes can be used in films or TV ads. If you can put up with the disruption, you could make up to four figures when you list your property on a website like Location Works.

  3. Clear out the attic. You know the saying, 'one man's trash is another man's treasure (or woman's, obviously)'. Do you know how many pounds are in your attic? Dust off those old records and put them on eBay, see how much money you could make.

  4. Rent out your parking space. If you've got a parking space that you're not using, turn it over to commuters and for a profit. If you live near a train station, a football stadium or a concert venue, you could make quite a bit of money. Find out how much on the ParkatmyHouse website.

  5. Wrap your car in ads. Do you see being stuck in a traffic jam as dead-time? Wrap your car in ads, with a company like Comm-motion, and that time could be more lucrative. You could earn up to £220 per month, driving as usual, with advertising on your car!

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