Dear Post Offices, Libraries and Banks: please can we have your space!

Dear Post Offices, Libraries and Banks: please can we have your space!

Posted: Fri 24th Oct 2014

At yesterday's launch of the Home Business Report, we called together a savvy group of home business owners to get their feedback on the findings. From the discussion came a call to organisations that have unused space, to open up that space for home based entrepreneurs.

... We think this is a plan worth backing!

'I have come together with a group of fellow home business owners in Crouch End to approach the library and ask if we can use an empty room as co-working space. It's sitting empty, has wi-fi and we'd be prepared to pay to put it to good use' said Esther Thompson, founder of Teahuggers and instigator of a conversation that followed which went like this:

  • home business owners like to get out of the house

  • innovation and partnerships come from collaborating with others

  • there are unused rooms and spaces in Libraries, Post Offices and banks, across the UK

  • it would benefit everyone to bring these spaces to life and fill them with home business owners

Enterprise Nation has decided to do some work on this; to approach the above bodies and ask after the viability of test projects.

It is something the government has already started with its Space for Growth programme - we'd like to see this spread across more locations. For the sake of home business!

Please let us know your views; here in the comments or via twitter @e_nation

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