How the new Enterprise Nation platform will provide daily business inspiration

How the new Enterprise Nation platform will provide daily business inspiration
Sophie Arnold
Sophie ArnoldOfficial

Posted: Mon 16th Sep 2019

_Enterprise Nation is launching a new business support platform in October and in the build up to it being unveiled we're highlighting what you can expect to see on the revamped website and how we've designed it to solve your challenges as a small business owner.

Last week we explained how the new Enterprise Nation will get you quicker answers to your business questions and this week we're talking about inspiration._

When you're just starting out on your business journey there's so much to learn and it can be easy to forget that a lot of the entrepreneur household names started out in a similar position.

Equally when you've got yourself established and have a to do list the size of your arm, being able to set time aside to take your business to the next level can become challenging.

Hearing the stories of those who have been there before you is key to breaking through these barriers and that's why a whole section of the new look Enterprise Nation will be dedicated to getting inspired.

Here's a selection of some of the things you'll find in the get inspired section:

  • Amazing stories and tips from our fabulous members

  • Inspiring campaigns highlighting everyone from young entrepreneurs to local communities

  • Events and workshops to break through barriers

  • A start-up email course to help you through the early days of your business

Key advice content to solve your business challenges

Our aim is to create a space you can go to when you're feeling a little less enthused to help regain that spark to keep working on building a great business.

Whilst we're busy building this new area I've asked some of the Enterprise Nation team to share which well known entrepreneurs inspire them and why.

"Joe Wicks. I know he's marmite for some, but I think he's a great example of a resilient entrepreneur that believed in a cause: getting people healthier and fitter quicker! I remember watching him talk and he told the audience how his friends used to take the mick out of him about his videos on his Instagram, but five years later he became the author of the second bestselling book in the U.K of all time."
Emma Greenfield, head of events

"Sir Richard Branson. He's got strong core values, is really visionary and cares about people who work for him. He also knows his strengths - which are around starting, so he starts new businesses and gives great people opportunity to lead day to day and moves on to the next thing. I admire his boldness in the early days of Virgin Records and the fact that he worked from his boat back then and with a small baby! Of course, also the philanthropy, setting an important example to others." 
Justina Markeviciene, public support programmes and policy

"Mahmud Kamani, founder of BooHoo. He has a rags to riches story. He fled Kenya with his family and set up a market stall selling bags and clothes. This turned into a textile company which started to supply Primark and New Look. Then he built his brand through BooHoo, one of the first online fast fashion retail companies. The company is now on the stock market and is now valued at £2bn. He was early to the market with online fashion - but stuck at it and made it work! He talks of the days when they worked out of a tiny office and would get excited for each order coming through and package it himself."
Polly Dhaliwal, head of member partnerships

As a little extra from me, I'm in the lucky position to only have to look round the office for inspiration as all three of my colleagues above are absolutely killing it with their side hustles. Check out Emma's gorgeous artwork, Justina's career coaching business Pivot Coach and Polly's not for profit Girls in Movement which supports young girls into education.

Sophie Arnold
Sophie ArnoldOfficial

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