Consider video for your business, blog or website

Consider video for your business, blog or website
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Posted: Tue 10th Mar 2015

Verisign Inc, the company behind the .COM brand, present a video on the steps to consider for you to do the same ie use video for your own business to entertain and educate potential and existing customers. We summarise the top tips.

Food entrepreneur and founder of, Raphaelle Simmons, meets film producer Ravinol Chambers, for a bite size advice session on how to make the most of video. Ravinol offers these tips:

1. Have a reason to produce your video

Video costs time and money (more on that below) so be sure there is a business case for production! Think about how you want to use the video and what it will achieve for the business.

2. Keep an Introduction Video on brand and brief

'About us' videos are an effective way to introduce you and your business to online browsers. Customers like to see behind the scenes and get to know the operation - something that can be visually captured with a video. Keep it brief, advises Ravinol as 'Online, people's viewing habits are ruthless. They want things short and sweet.' Include a call to action in the video, setting out how customers can contact you or find out more.

3. Pique interest with a viral video

Produce something that is humorous or useful and people will share it, suggests Ravinol. Sort distribution channels so, for example, if it's a video about food, contact popular food bloggers and ask if they will carry or promote the clip.

4. Beware the budget!

The cost to produce a video can vary from £200 for a DIY version with help from a film student at the local College, through to £10,000 for a production with a full-set crew. Manage the budget with a clear brief for the videographer and careful planning when it comes to scheduling the shoot, location etc. If you hire a crew for a full day, capture lots of footage and use the content for multiple clips.

View the video and consider this medium for your message.

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