Best of 2023: The top Enterprise Nation e-learning courses

Best of 2023: The top Enterprise Nation e-learning courses
Diane Mensah
Diane MensahOfficial

Posted: Mon 18th Dec 2023

Enterprise Nation's e-learning courses have resoundingly delivered in 2023.

With more people than ever coming to Enterprise Nation for support with starting or growing their very own businesses, the e-learning material on the platform has obligingly stepped up a notch.

Here to take you through their top five courses of 2023 is none other than our head of programme delivery and e-learning supremo, Diane Mensah.

Be sure to have a good look through the full complement of e-learning sessions here.

business.connected: Marketing on a shoestring budget

Enterprise Nation has partnered with Vodafone Business to equip 800,000 small businesses over the next three years with the digital skills they need to take their operations to the next level.

In this session, Catherine McManus and Lyndsey James reveal innovative ways to give your marketing efforts the biggest impact, all without breaking the bank.

StartUp UK: Key things to consider when beginning your market research

This series of e-learning modules, as part of the StartUp UK programme, helps you turn your good idea into a great business.

When starting to research the market, there are key things you ought to consider to expand your knowledge. Let's explore what they are...

Tech Hub: AI tools to take your small business to the next level

A collaboration between Cisco, Google, Sage and Vodafone Business and built by Enterprise Nation, Tech Hub offers an accessible solution to support small businesses to adopt the technology they need to run and grow their ventures.

In this workshop, AI educator, Kerry Harrison, shares an overview of some of today's best AI tools that can take your business up a notch. Tools covered in the workshop include:

  • ChatGPT and Bard – business writing

  • Midjourney – image generation and photography

  • – copywriting and content workflows

  • Canva's AI-powered features – and its brand new ChatGPT plugin

  • – transcribes your meetings and emails you the key outtakes afterwards

  • Synthesia – good for people who need to create large amounts of content. Create an AI avatar and let it deliver your news/information for you

  • RunwayML or Lumen5 – video content creation

  • Outranking – helps with SEO

Amazon Small Business Accelerator: Five things to include in a business plan

Next up, we have the Amazon Small Business Accelerator programme, where you can access e-learning videos and inspirational events to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, covers five key things to include in a business plan, including outlining the idea, the customer market for your business and a cashflow forecast.

Go and Grow Online Ireland: Get started with creating a digital marketing strategy

Last up is the Go and Grow Online Ireland programme, for those looking to make it or expand into the Irish market.

Start planning your digital marketing strategy by considering these points first:

Be sure to have a good look through the full complement of e-learning sessions today.

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Diane Mensah
Diane MensahOfficial
I curate and manage programmes that support Enterprise Nation members – whatever the stage of their business. Passionate about start-ups, I spent six years in Hong Kong where I helped to develop a flourishing start-up ecosystem, before joining Enterprise Nation in 2020.

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