Are you the Innovator, Expert or Curator?

Are you the Innovator, Expert or Curator?
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Posted: Wed 11th Mar 2015

In building a brand for your business, you'll be adopting a tone of voice to suit that brand and communicate with customers. Brand expert Julie Cottineau (@jcottin) has come up with three types of tone. Which one are you?

Julie Cottineau

'A great brand is a story well told and words and images working together make for the strongest kind of brand story,' says brand expert Julie Cottineau of BrandTwist.

Julie sets out three different types of tone of voice you can adopt, depending on the relationship your business has with customers:

Tone 1: The Innovator

This is clean wording to complement clean visuals and packaging. Think Apple as a lead innovator brand.

Tone 2: The Expert

Bold and authoritative statements and big headlines are matched with rich colours to define the expert brand. Look at Uber as a well-executed example of this.

Tone 3: The Curator

An increasingly popular tone and business type, this is Kickstarter that curates crowdfunding and Birchbox which brings together all the beauty supplies you need in one box. The tone and imagery is friendly and accessible.

Building A Business Brand

Whichever tone you are, be consistent across all communications, via the website, packaging, in-store (if this applies to your business) and in print adverts and materials.

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