Adviser of the Month: Kim Masters

Adviser of the Month: Kim Masters
Kim Masters
Kim MastersMATS Consulting

Posted: Fri 15th Mar 2024

Congratulations to our Adviser of the Month for March, Kim Masters, founder of MATS Consulting and the Make Peace with Money programme.

Kim Masters describes herself as a relationship-with-money adviser. With over 25 years of experience working in accounts and healing, her work combines both the practical- and personal-relationship-with-money sides, which is how you think, feel and speak about money.

Kim's business has two sides – the financial systems and training part and the Make Peace with Money programme. Kim says:

“They say follow your bliss. So, I started writing my Make Peace with Money course and it combined all the things that I love – writing, the practical money side like budgeting cash flow, cost savings and also the relationship with money side, seeing money differently – understanding your relationship with money and how your past impacts your beliefs and your money blocks.

“Helping people move forward with their money blocks and habits – there's nothing more rewarding than that. I love it.”

A member since 2017, Kim became an Enterprise Nation adviser in 2019 to shift her business focus from her comfort zone of accounting to her labour of love – the Make Peace with Money course.

Joining Enterprise Nation

When I joined Enterprise Nation, I didn't know how big a networking organisation it was. I said I was going to just go all in.

I joined multiple small business local meet-ups across the country and got to know people. I have been to meet-ups in Hertfordshire, Edinburgh, Lincolnshire, Milton Keynes, Dublin, East Sussex, Cumbria, South East London, Northamptonshire and others.

I was quite a nervous networker and struggled with my pitch. So, at every meet-up, I practised, connected with people and over time it got easier.

How has Enterprise Nation helped in your business journey?

I had the opportunity to host two Lunch and Learn webinars. Off the back of that, the economic development officer for Broxbourne (I used to live in Hertfordshire), emailed me about a skills grant that Broxbourne had access to and advised I apply.

So, my husband and I did with our Make Peace with Money programme. Allocation for this grant gets decided by a lot of people and because I kept popping up on LinkedIn and Enterprise Nation, we recently found out that we got the grant.

It's a substantial grant to work with 24 Broxbourne businesses over a year that will go through my online course and I'll do coaching with them too.

If I didn't have the visibility and credibility from Enterprise Nation as an adviser, I just don't think I would have got this grant. This now also means that I can pitch it to other councils. For me, it has been a game-changer.

We also started the Money Chat group last year with Enterprise Nation’s support as I want people to feel it's normal to have these conversations. We hosted a panel and Enterprise Nation founder, Emma Jones and other members joined to give it exposure and credibility.

Becoming an Enterprise Nation adviser

When I became an adviser member last year, accounting was still my comfort blanket. I gave myself three months as I was determined to make the shift from the way I was earning money from accounting to earning from the Make Peace with Money course. That was the time I did my Lunch and Learns and went to every meet-up I could.

Thus, by the time I got the email for the Broxbourne grant, I felt confident to apply.

Watch this webinar to transform your money mindset and start viewing money from a whole new perspective:

Advice for people hoping to follow in your footsteps

I would want them to trust themselves and their business and to commit. When I signed up as an adviser, that was me saying to myself that I was going to go all out.

Join networking groups for the connections. They are not about selling and get out of your comfort zone, get visible and be brave.

What should new business owners be thinking about when it comes to dealing with their finances? 

I would advise that they deal with both the practical side, getting to know your numbers. What's coming in from your business finances and personal finances? Create those good habits of knowing your costs and what money is coming in and out, even if it is up and down. This will help to create a budget and a plan to move forward.

Start to listen to what you are telling yourself, in terms of what you can do in your business and the future, but also listen to what you're telling yourself about your past.

Get clear on where you are now financially and what you want in the future. The more clarity you have in your life, the more you can make a plan and take action to change.


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Kim Masters
Kim MastersMATS Consulting
I help both companies and individuals get clarity, control and healing with their finances. My work combines both the practical side and your relationship with money which is how you think, feel, speak about money. I have been working in accounts and healing for over 20 years, having experience with bigger corporates like BBC World Service & smaller companies. I run talks, programmes and coaching on the Make Peace with Money side, and have worked with companies like Hounslow Council, PlaneSaver

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