Make Peace with Money - 10 Module Online Programme

Make Peace with Money - 10 Module Online Programme
Kim Masters
Kim Masters
MATS Consulting

The Make Peace With Money Programme is an online experience that helps you to transform the way you feel, talk, act and think about money.

What makes this programme unique is that as well as dealing with the practical side of money management, it also focuses on how you relate to money on a mental and emotional level (your relationship with money).

There can be a lot of fears, uncertainties and past traumas surrounding money, and these can impact you on a daily basis and affect your future. The programme will help you to change your money mindset and make you feel more positive and confident around money.

In the programme you will learn the theory behind money blocks and negative money beliefs and how the tools I use help to clear these; we will also go through numerous exercises to help with the healing process and get you on course with managing your finances.

This programme is for you, if…..
– You’ve had enough of your current relationship with money and you are ready to change.

– You have an open mind.

– You are willing to be open and honest with yourself.

– Ready to make some difficult choices.

– You want to take control of your money situation, rather than it controlling you.

– You are patient and ready to put in the time and effort.

– Prepared to face some challenging emotions.

– You are determined and focused.

– You are willing to be kind to yourself and follow the process, even if it is a rollercoaster.

This is not for you if….
– You’re not committed to making a change.

– You’re not willing to be open and honest about your current situation.

– You don’t have an open mind.

– You want to switch off your emotions.

– You want a get rich, quick fix.

– Are looking for someone to give you all the answers, and tell you what to do.

The Make Peace With Money Programme includes:
– Access to the 10 sessions via the Masters & Harris Academy.

– Two 30-minute private coaching sessions with Kim (additional coaching sessions are available at £25 for 30m
Kim Masters
Kim Masters
MATS Consulting
Hello, My name is Kim. Nice to meet you. I look at money and finance in a different way to most people. I can help you with your accounting systems and procedures, whether you are a CEO of a business, own your own company (possibly a start-up), or an individual who needs help with your personal finances. However, as well as practical solutions, I can also help you understand and improve your relationship with money, because this can have a huge effect on both your business and personal life. Sometimes it's things like money blocks and money ceilings that can have a bigger impact on your business than you realise.

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