A small business guide to online resources for finding suppliers

A small business guide to online resources for finding suppliers
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Posted: Fri 29th Jan 2016

Do what you do best and outsource the rest is a mantra of Enterprise Nation. Focus on your key skills and find other people to fill the gaps.

If you're looking for expert advice, a professional consultant or someone to make your products, there are lots of resources online. Here are some of our favourites.

The post is part of Go and Grow Online, our campaign that encourages more businesses to get online and supports existing internet traders to grow.

Business consultancy and advice

The Enterprise Nation Marketplace is home to more than 12,500 advisers in various sectors including sales, marketing, digital IT, finance, legal and property. They are located across the UK and many are reviewed and rated. If you have a specific project in mind you can also post a brief and wait for advisers to respond with their pitch.


There are many websites which allow you to source freelancers for various projects. They include:


Finding someone with expertise in your industry and a background of growing a successful business can be hugely beneficial.

Networking online with fellow entrepreneurs can lead to new connections and a mentor so use services like the Enterprise Nation forums (only available to Classic and Adviser members).

You could also try searching and joining groups on professional social network LinkedIn, online coaching and mentoring network Horsesmouth or Mentorsme, a directory of organisations offering business mentors.

Product suppliers and manufacturers

If you're looking to source products or get someone to make products for you can use the web to connect with people and companies from all over the world.

Alibaba is the world's largest online business-to-business trading platform and is home to hundreds of thousands of suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers. You could also try India Mart for Indian suppliers.

If you'd like your products made closer to home Let's Make It Here is a free database for designers, brands and retailers looking for UK manufacturers and Make It British has a directory of British clothing manufacturers.

Go and Grow Online is supported by .COM, Microsoft, BT and Dell. For more tips, details about our events and special offers from our partners, click here .

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise Nation
Enterprise Nation
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