A day in the life of an Enterprise Nation member: LinkedIn expert Jennifer Corcoran

A day in the life of an Enterprise Nation member: LinkedIn expert Jennifer Corcoran
Jennifer Corcoran
Jennifer CorcoranMy Super Connector

Posted: Fri 2nd Aug 2019

In a latest in the series looking at how entrepreneurs structure their day, Enterprise Nation member and LinkedIn expert Jennifer Corcoran from My  Super Connector shares some insights.

My alarm goes off…

Around 7.30am and I get up with my husband Mike. I'm not an early bird if truth be told and prefer to work later in the evening. Luckily my husband is an early bird so I enjoy having breakfast with him and watching the news which often feels like a bad movie these days.

My morning rituals are…

I recently moved to Devon and since then I've started to do small morning jogs by the estuary in Shaldon. I've found that I've got into bad habits as a business owner and now need to get my fitness levels back up. I like eating scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast and sometimes soya yogurt and fruit.

I desperately need to find a local pilates class and stick to it. I had back surgery a few years ago which prompted me to set up in business and I now need to do regular pilates to keep my back in check. Long days on the laptop do it no good.

My morning commute is…

Very simple! I mostly work from home, cafes, hotels and co-working spaces. Mainly from home so it's simply a trip down the stairs! Sometimes I mix it up and go to a lovely café down the road which is on the beach. Once a week I embrace city life and go up to Exeter which is half an hour away by train.

My typical day…

Varies between one-to-one clients and in-house client workshops.

I host most of my one-to-one sessions virtually via Zoom, but also have some in person sessions in Exeter. My furthest client to date was someone in Russia.

I don't set myself daily tasks but I do have weekly and monthly admin ones.

My responsibilities are…

Me, myself and I. I enjoy the freedom which this brings and the choice to work with a chosen set of associates who I outsource work to.

My most memorable moment is…

I definitely can't choose just one! There have been a few; I was very excited to be invited to 10 Downing Street with Enterprise Nation and I was also super proud to be invited to the House of Lords this year as part of the F:Entrepreneur campaign.

Last year I won the title of Social Media Influencer at the Venus Awards in London which was a special moment - especially as the competition was so fierce.

Jennifer Corcoran

Why I love my business…

I love helping others to embrace LinkedIn and find their voice on the platform. So many people are intimidated or terrified of doing the wrong thing online and I love helping them realise their true potential and get over their limiting beliefs.

I enjoy the autonomy of being my own boss - no red tape. That being said you do sometimes need a sounding board so having mentors and coaches are priceless to keep you accountable and moving.

I personally miss the structure and routine of being part of a team and am currently considering a part-time job alongside my business. For many business owners this may seem like a failure but I've learnt over the last two to three years that we're all different and I think that combining a role in education alongside my business would be the dream for me and I'm currently exploring options in Exeter.

The most challenging task is…

Oh god, this is easy - book keeping, accounts and tax! I'm not a figures person.

After work…

I love eating so I'm in heaven after recently moving to Devon as it's all food and drink down here. I'm also a bit of a TV addict - I'm not sure how cool it is to say that but I've always loved immersing myself in TV and films and am a bit of a Netflix fiend.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be…

A writer maybe. I had my first typewriter when I was 10 and I posted an ad in an English magazine for young girls advertising for pen pals. I was then inundated with pen pals from around the world and as far away as South Korea. I've always loved expressing myself online[HE1] . Hence my love of LinkedIn and blogging etc. For me the pen is mightier than the sword.

I thought I may become a journalist and went on to study English at university. On graduating I didn't want to become a teacher or a writer so the irony that I now post and train isn't lost on me ;)

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Jennifer Corcoran
Jennifer CorcoranMy Super Connector
Social Media Consultancy

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