10 ways to make money from your website

10 ways to make money from your website
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Posted: Wed 26th Sep 2012

Earning money: Gold coins

Your site is a powerful marketing tool and a way to generate extra income for your small enterprise. As traffic to your online home increases, so also do your opportunities to earn money. In this extract from our newly-published Make Money from Makes, EmmaJones offers ten ways to make income from your website.

1. Display advertising

Offer advertising on your site. The more niche your audience, the more likely you are to attract advertisers. Create a media rate card and include the following information:

  • number of unique visitors

  • number of impressions

  • average duration of visit

  • visitor demographics.

Upload a rate card to your site and send it to corporate marketing departments and media-buying agencies.

2. Google AdSense

The AdSense tool from Google does the work for you in that it places relevant ads on your site and earns you money when people click on them. You can customise the appearance of the ads so they sit well with the style of your site.

3. TextLinkAds

These ads offer direct click-throughs from text on your site. You submit your site to TextLinkAds and then upload the ad code provided. It's your choice whether you approve or deny the supplied ads. Once that's done, you start making money as visitors click on the ads. Try this and Skimlinks, which converts words on your site to affiliate links so that you earn from those, too.

4. Sponsored conversations

Get paid for posts (and now tweets) with services like IZEA that match bloggers with advertisers. Some doubt the ethical stance of paying a blogger to write something about a product but there's no doubt that it's a moneymaker.

5. Affiliate schemes

Sign up to affiliate schemes like the Amazon Associates programme, where you can earn up to 10 per cent in referrals by driving traffic to Amazon through specially formatted links. You earn referral fees on sales generated through those links. Monthly cheques are sent to you from Amazon and it's easy and free to join.

6. Sponsored features

This could include a host of options. Approach advertisers with suggestions of a sponsored eBook, e-news, podcast, webchat, poll or survey. These applications can be added to your site at a low cost yet generate good revenue. For:

7. Expert help

Offer your expertise and charge people to log on and watch or listen. This could be made available through:

  • Teleclasses: Invite customers and contacts to a call where you offer your expertise on a one-to-many basis.

  • Webinars: Deliver a presentation to potentially thousands of paying customers via GoToWebinar.

8. Deals with suppliers

Do deals with suppliers. Hosting a travel blog? Agree a percentage each time a booking is made via your site. Hosting a shedworking blog? Create a directory that includes all garden office suppliers but with an enhanced listing for those who pay.

9. Turn a blog into a book

Turn blog posts into a bestselling book! Contact Enterprise Nation with ideas and proposals in this area as we could be interested in publishing you!

10. Please donate

If you'd rather just ask for a small donation from your visitors, this is possible, too, via a donate feature from PayPal. Add a PayPal donate button to your site.

Buy Make Money from Makes from £3.50

Aimed at small craft and artisan enterprises, Make Money from Makes is a joint publication by Enterprise Nation and Prima that offers a comprehensive guide to turning a hobby into a business. It's available from the Enterprise Nation shop as both an ebook and a print book. [product id="56600"]

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