Why you, yes you should start a podcast for your business

Why you, yes you should start a podcast for your business
Helen Ashby
Broxbourne Council

Why you (yes you) should start a podcast for your business

Hertfordshire based podcaster Steve Folland shares sound advice on getting your own podcast up and running.

Why you should have one, what it could be like and those first practical steps to making it happen.

If you believe in the power of content marketing, it’s time a podcast played its part.

30 minute talk plus Q&A.

Who is Steve Folland?

Steve creates videos and podcasts for businesses around the world. With hundreds of podcasts under his belt from SMEs to celebrities, to producing his own long-running Being Freelance podcast and Doing It For The Kids (‘Best Business Podcast’ at the British Podcast Awards - ooh get him).

Funded by the Hertfordshire Health Protection Board, and supported by Hertfordshire Better Business for All, the event will promote trading safely and help encourage footfall into the town centre as businesses recover from the impact of the pandemic.

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Eligibility requirements

Start ups and SMEs

Helen Ashby
Broxbourne Council

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