The secret to crowdfunding

The secret to crowdfunding
Rob Creer
Wiltshire Council

Anthony Lovell de Souza is an independent crowdfunding expert and member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Crowdfunding Professional Organisation.  A longstanding crowdfunding strategist, Anthony combines his digital marketing expertise with his considerable crowdfunding knowledge to provide help, support and guidance to businesses considering crowdfunding as a way to obtain finance so is well placed to share his thoughts on the secrets to crowdfunding.

Anthony will also be discussing all things crowdfunding - a funding source which now funds more activities globally than Venture Capital - in three webinars.

You will learn:

  • The different types of crowdfunding campaigns
  • How to create a successful campaign
  • The pros and cons of crowdfunding plus future trends

Eligibility requirements

Anyone looking to crowdfund their business

Rob Creer
Wiltshire Council

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