Raise money with Seedrs - get fast-tracked!

Raise money with Seedrs - get fast-tracked!

Seedrs allows ambitious businesses from all sectors to raise finance and build a community through an efficient, online process. Investors of all types can invest as little or as much as they like (from £10 up) in businesses they believe in, and share in their success.

An online equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs was named the most active investor in private companies in the UK in 2016 and 2017.
  • Over £708 million has been invested via the platform, funding 892 deals since 2012.
  • In 2018, 186 deals were funded for over £195 million by investors from 60 different countries and 5,800 investor exits via the Secondary Market.
  • Some amazing companies raised on our platform: Revolut, Oppo, Urban Massage, MacRebur, ChapelDown, Coconuts Organic, Humble Grape, Sono Motors, TransferGO, Wrisk, Airsorted, Tossed, FreeAgent, Taylor&Hart, Plum, Tandem and Landbay. Find more at the Seedrs case studies page
Register your interest in raising investment with Seedrs via the Claim this offer button above and get fast-tracked on your funding journey!
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