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Next Level business growth coaching

Next Level business growth coaching
Beverley Corson
Beverley Corson
Next Level business club

Who is it for?

Ambitious owners and directors from businesses with two to 50 employees in any sector who want to create a focused growth strategy to drive their business to the next level.

  • Benefit from working closely with an experienced coach/adviser to partner with, discuss challenges, solve problems and explore opportunities
  • Embed a business growth methodology and rhythm throughout the business
  • Beneficial for businesses with multiple directors to ensure all are on the same page regarding their vision, growth strategy and plans for execution in each function and team

What's involved?

  • Map out your business strategy on one dynamic page hosted online. Use it to manage your business and drive growth activities
  • Clarify the purpose behind the business and objectives for growth
  • Create a detailed three-year vision to fulfil these purposes
  • Cement core values to maintain consistent marketing messages, operational standards and employee attitudes/behaviour
  • Clarify your 12 months strategy for the development of the business across all five key functions (marketing, sales, operations, finance, talent)
  • Develop objectives for the next quarter and key actions for the next month in all five functions to start executing that strategy straight away
  • Identify and measure key numbers in your business that feed into strategic decisions and check objectives are met
  • Plus three months of coaching (one session p/m), including ad-hoc support, and access to online strategy on a page platform

Ongoing coaching is discussed on completion.

Beverley Corson
Beverley Corson
Next Level business club

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