Thursday 22nd Feb 2024

Nature and your business: Why it matters and how to take action

Nature and your business: Why it matters and how to take action
Katie Rogers
Katie Rogers
Heart of the City

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Date:Thu 22nd Feb 2024
Time:12:00 - 12:45

Nature is intrinsically linked to businesses and communities prospering. Over 50% of global GDP is dependent on materials and services delivered by natural ecosystems. While businesses have been focusing on reducing carbon, it’s increasingly important to consider how they can prevent biodiversity loss and protect nature.

What to expect

In this session, we’ll provide an introduction to why nature is important to you and your business. You’ll leave with practical actions that you can implement to help protect nature through your business.

We’re delighted to be joined by Ellen Shaddock from AXA XL to provide an overview of AXA XL’s new Roots of Resilience sustainability strategy. Nature is at the heart of this strategy, which addresses valuing nature and integrating it into AXA XL’s business operations. We’ll also get an introduction to AXA XL’s Water Risk Insights report and why businesses need to consider nature and water risks.


  • Heart of the City introduction (Five minutes)
  • Topic introduction (Five minutes)
  • Presentation from Ellen Shaddock, sustainability manager, AXA XL (20 minutes)
  • Q&A and wrap up (15 minutes)

About Ellen Shaddock

Ellen works in the global sustainability team on AXA XL’s Roots of Resilience strategy. She has over seven years of experience in running environmental and philanthropic projects, including sustainability reporting and employee engagement programmes. Ellen leads AXA XL’s Valuing Water initiative, which considers the social, economic and environmental importance of water.

Katie Rogers
Katie Rogers
Heart of the City

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