Insure your invoices today and pay later

Insure your invoices today and pay later

If you're selling to other companies and trading on credit terms, you're likely to be worried about if and when your invoices will be paid. Unpaid invoices can create a risk to your cash flow and profitability, so Nimbla has created a special offer to support businesses like yours.

To support you during this difficult time, Nimbla will allow you to protect your invoices today and pay for the insurance policy later* — whether it's for new invoices or for invoices you've issued in the past.

Nimbla will quickly replace the money that's lost if that customer becomes insolvent. It's also reassuring to know that Nimbla doesn't exclude insolvencies caused by the coronavirus, so it's a safe option during the outbreak. They will pay 90% of the unpaid invoice value if the worst comes to worst and a customer goes into administration or becomes insolvent.

With premiums from as little as £5.60 per invoice, no annual contract and a debt collection service that's free of charge to you, it's an affordable way to protect your bottom line in today's volatile economy.

To use this offer, please give them a call on 020 3984 8833 or visit the website to chat with their team to discuss how they can help your business.

*T&Cs apply
With Nimbla invoice insurance you can check the credit risk of your customers and prevent losses from bad debt. If one of your customers becomes insolvent, you will continue to get paid through us.

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