Digital transformation advisory service

Digital transformation advisory service
Clyde Williams
ShoNet Systems Ltd

This service provides small businesses with guidance and support as they navigate the digital transformation process.

We have over 15 years of experience successfully implementing and customising Salesforce for the voluntary sector, public sector and private sector organisations. We have had the opportunity to transform the way small and medium-sized organisations use technology.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop bespoke solutions for SME organisations from managing donor information to creating mobile apps to helping our customers close more deals and more. We at ShoNet know what is needed to implement and successfully use CRM software, after all, we have been trusted by hundreds of organisations.

This service includes:

  • Assessing the organisation's existing digital capabilities and business objectives
  • Identifying key improvement areas and recommending bespoke strategies to effectively harness emerging technologies
  • Offering expertise to develop a digital transformation roadmap, complete with actionable steps and milestones
  • Sharing insights on the latest trends, best practices and potential challenges in digital transformation
  • Ensuring organisations remain at the forefront of their digital journey, with support to help implement and adopt digital solutions
  • Refine processes and fully realise the advantages of their digital initiatives, emphasising collaboration and ongoing enhancement
  • Implementing a Salesforce platform (chargeable service)

Eligibility requirements

  • Age: None
  • Ethnicity: None
  • Gender: None
Clyde Williams
ShoNet Systems Ltd

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