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Corporate governance and law

Corporate governance and law

Corporate structures and relationships are tools, and applying them effectively takes skill. Venturing into new markets requires additional local insight and cultural nuance.

To excel in a highly competitive business environment, mastering the game rules of navigating and overcoming complex regulatory landscapes is key.

With decades of experience in Hong Kong, PRC and ASEAN, we are well-versed in all kinds of business vehicles and know how to create and manage them to achieve your goals. Whether you are a sole business owner or leader of a multinational conglomerate, we help you develop robust legal frameworks to ease your work and minimise risks.

  • Business formation: Assist with the legal formation of a new business, such as incorporating a company, registering a business name, and obtaining any necessary licences and permits
  • Contract review and drafting: Review and draft a wide range of contracts, such as employment contracts, service agreements, lease agreements and sales contracts to ensure that business interests are protected
  • Corporate governance: Advise on corporate governance best practices and help SMEs comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Compliance: Advise SMEs on compliance with laws and regulations that may apply to their specific industry and business activity
  • Intellectual property: Advise SMEs on protecting and commercializing their intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents and copyright
  • Employment law: Advise SMEs on employment law issues, such as drafting and reviewing employment contracts, and providing guidance on issues such as termination, severance and discrimination
  • Commercial litigation: Represent SMEs in commercial disputes, such as contract disputes and debt collection, and help them navigate the legal process
  • Financing: Assist SMEs with fundraising and other financing activities, such as venture capital and angel investments. By providing these services, an SME business lawyer can help SMEs navigate the legal and regulatory landscape and protect their interests
I have broad experience including business research for higher education, PR for international trade, and B2B marketing and global growth for professional services, including developing 2 award-winning solutions and launching 3 overseas offices in 4 years. I am skilled at stakeholder engagement in public and private sectors and won awards in service design. I am based in Manchester and open to support businesses across the UK virtually.

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