Thursday 6th Oct 2022

An introduction to accessibility and inclusion for SMEs

An introduction to accessibility and inclusion for SMEs
Louise Clifton
Louise Clifton
Heart of the City

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Date:Thursday 6th Oct 2022
Time:11:30 - 12:15

33% of working aged professionals are experiencing chronic illness, disability, and neurodiversity. There is huge, oftentimes untapped, potential for enterprising and innovative businesses to do more to support, attract and champion accessibility and inclusivity in their workplace and in their business offer .

In this short session, Alice will help leaders uncover some quick wins they can make here and now to tap into a new customer base and unlock the Purple Pound, and appeal to this huge talent pool.

This session will cover:

• How to appeal to disabled talent

• How to retain disabled employees

• Quick inclusive marketing wins we can all make

Alice Hargreaves, is an accessible marketing and business strategy consultant and COO of SIC. The self-titled chronically ill COO, Alice has a range of long-term health conditions and disabilities that impact her on a day to day basis.

SIC was created by Alice and her co-founder Rachael Mole, who realised that disabled professionals were struggling to get into, and stay in the world of work, which led to a huge disability employment gap. SIC addresses this issue in two ways. Firstly, by supporting disabled professionals into training, mentoring, and through online career clinics. And secondly, by supporting businesses to make small changes that help to create a more inclusive working environment.

Louise Clifton
Louise Clifton
Heart of the City
Stakeholder Manager at Heart of the City. Leading engagement with the movers, shakers and thinkers in social impact, responsible business and sustainability to support SMEs to thrive.

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