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November 2017



Meet the Journalists (Nottingham)

Tuesday 21st November, 5pm - 8pm

Join top journalists from the Sunday Times, Business Desk and more to understand how to pitch your story and raise your business' profile.

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Networking for business start-ups (Oxford)

Friday 24th November, 9am - 1pm

A key part of starting your business is often networking. This is particularly true when you’re offering local B2B services. This workshop will give you the confidence to network and the understanding of how to make your networking effective.

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Go Global Dubai Twitter


Go Global trade mission to Dubai

Sunday 26th November - Thursday 30th November

On the trade mission to Dubai you'll discover how to do business in the UAE, meet buyers, distributors, agents and retailers, make sales and connections as part of a pop-up showcase and form collaborations with partners and fellow mission go-ers.

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Business pricing workshop (Towcester)

Wednesday 29th November, 9am - 1pm

One of the most important decisions your business can make is about pricing. Yet most firms get it wrong: they focus on cost, rather than value. The workshop has an astonishing conclusion: could you actually sell more by raising your prices?

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Public relations workshop (Bedfordshire)

Thursday 30th November, 9am - 1pm

PR is for any business, large or small, but it’s important to understand what public relations is – and, just as importantly, what it isn’t. PR isn’t just about media relations. You will learn why PR isn't about press releases, but about building relationships.

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December 2017



The 'art' of sales for start-ups (Oxford)

Friday 1st December, 9am - 1pm

For most new business owners they are often the primary sales person for their business in the early days. This workshop will give you an understanding of effective sales techniques to improve your conversion rate.

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Customer relationship management (Northamptonshire)

Wednesday 6th December, 9am - 1pm

Everyone’s heard of CRM, but most think it’s all about software. It’s not – and that insight can give your company a real competitive advantage. This workshop looks at what CRM is (and isn’t). We then move on to the idea that a company should create value across the customer lifecycle. 

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Womens Workathon


Women's Workathon (London)

Wednesday 6th December, 2pm - 4pm

Join Enterprise Nation for lunch, learning and business networking, as part of the Facebook She Means Business campaign.

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Wellington Bootcamp


Start-up Boot Camp (Wellington, Shropshire)

Monday 11th December, 11am - 1pm

Start a business and take control of your life and earning power.
This workshop is for people who are serious about turning their skills, talents or passion into a viable business.

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January 2018



Starting your own business (Oxford)

Wednesday 17th January, 9am - 1:30pm

This workshop is delivered over two parts, and is designed to support would be entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up their own business but aren't sure where to start and what they'll need.

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