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Dan Martin

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Buy It Now! Watch Enterprise Nation members on the telly

Buy It Now, Channel 4's new TV series starts this week, and features entrepreneurs pitching products to real shoppers and national retailers. Look out for two Enterprise Nation members taking part! 

Hosted by Brian Conley, inventors of new products have just 90 seconds to pitch in the hope of securing a potentially life-changing order with a national retailer.

We promoted applications for the show so we're delighted to hear that several Enterprise Nation members have made it!

Simon Lyons, Version22 (on the show tonight (16 April) at 5.30pm)

Simon is an inventor-extraordinaire. He's the founder of a product design studio that counts the wall mounted storage system Geckohub and one finger safety cutter Nimble among its creations.

He has been massively successful at crowdfunding and we were delighted to help him secure coverage in the Sunday Times.

Simon will appear on the show his new creation, Mobu, the world's most versatile cable clip which stops your earphones and charger cables tangling without the need for timely winding. 

Good luck Simon!


Simon was successful on the show!

Marnie Moyle, Filthy Weather (on the show on 20 March at 5.30pm) 

We just love the email that we received from Marnie at Filthy Weather, a company offers rrainwear alternatives to over trousers with a skirt that wraps without the need to change boots.

"The end of another long day of ‘starting up’; research information to absorb, websites to attend to, photography and marketing to get the head around. The sheer braveness of putting oneself 'out there' to be ridiculed or loved, the sense of failure, or the responsibility to build and grow, employ, stay ahead of the game.

"As I’m about to shut down the PC for the day a last check of the emails and I'm always excited to explore the Enterprise Nation ones; more often than not there is a treat in there somewhere! 

"One of those treats got us onto the telly programme Buy It Now.  A divine opportunity for exposure that Filthy Weather needs. How fortuitous it was to read the Enterprise Nation email!    

"If nothing else, being on a participation programme that is due to be aired the nation via Channel 4, gives one a serious hoof up the bum.

"There can be quite a lot of prevarication in setting up. There aren’t always strong precedents when cutting one’s own path and so this appearance presented us with the rare opportunity to gather some great market research, get a pitch together, get the company name out, really start to tidy up loose ends and for us, the directors, to learn if Filthy Weather can be viable. 

"So right now, we may be more nervous than when loitering at the ITV studios."

Good luck Marnie!

Laura Griffin & Kelli Aspland, Solar Buddies (on the show on 27 April at 5.30pm) 

We've been following this great business for a while. We first came across the company when Laura and Kelli pitched their product to retail giant Boots at the Beauty Exchange event.

Solar Buddies is such a brilliant idea. It's an award winning child friendly sunscreen applicator.

Kellie and Laura were inspired to design the product while discussing the 'no touch policies' most schools have in place when it comes to applying sunscreen to children. 

Good luck Laura and Kelli!

Andrew Taylor, Covert Clip (on the show on 9 May at 5.30pm)

London lawyer Andrew has come up with a complete reinvention of the wallet.

Called Covert Clip wallets, the features of these patented wallets are:

  • Designed to store all of the following: phone, passport, multiple bankcards, ID, cash and two keys
  • Able to be worn comfortably by men and women – clipped in or strapped in – for 24/7 use
  • Clipped in or strapped in means they can be with you when exercising (running, gym, field sports etc) or dancing (at a festival or nightclub), or even just hanging out at home
  • Virtually impossible to be misplaced or stolen. (Clipped in or strapped in, they are designed to prevent pickpockets from accessing your valuables as the wallets are worn covertly tucked into your trousers, or strapped under your arm or around your waist. RFID fraud protection comes as standard
  • Designed so you can easily access your phone and payment cards with just one hand in most cases

Good luck Andrew!

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