One of the major benefits of Enterprise Nation membership is the chance to meet buyers from major retailers. At this Friday's Homewares & Lifestyle Exchange, the three members below will pitch live on stage to Anna Rigby, head of buying home, at John Lewis. Good luck!

Want to watch the pitchers in action? Join us at the Homewares & Fashion Exchange in London on 11 July.

We have more opportunities for members to pitch to Selfridges and Sodexo.

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NailzeeAlison Jerrard, Nailzee

Describe your business in one sentence.

Nailzee is a fun double sided all purpose product to help with all round nail care in the home and help reduce accidents and spillages.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

I would welcome the opportunity and it would be an honour to pitch to John Lewis who as a company with their passion and history, I share the same with my product and brand Nailzee.

It is a great all year round product that can be sold on your beauty floors with your OPI and other ranges of nail polish.

We are hoping to produce in more colours if there is demand and I can especially imagine it in other colours at Christmas time in John Lewis' incredible gift departments in stores around the country and online.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

Nailzee has taken me 12 years of hard work and passion to bring her to life. There is a history and story and I want Nailzee to be able to help people who do their own nails at home of all ages and gender.

It is also especially good for the disabled and less able bodied and that is something I would also really like to achieve with the product and brand.

I am also hoping to introduce other products to the brand in the near future.

Nailzee is a great filler for the bottom shelves in stores that can often be empty, or have dull irrelevant filler products on them.

The Divine HagMargaret Morrison-Macleod, The Divine Hag

Describe your business in one sentence.

Premium hand blended organic aromatherapy room sprays which use the unique properties of oils to provide aromas for cleansing, atmosphere and mood.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

I want to pitch as I believe that John Lewis is the perfect retailer to stock my premium quality aromatherapy room sprays as they, unlike candles and plug-ins, provide a healthy controllable answer to stale odours and offer solutions regarding health and mood.

I believe that the ethos of John Lewis is echoed in my company and that this premium product would sit well with the current products stocked by the retailer.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

My vision is for the products to be stocked in stores worldwide, offering a controllable, healthy and viable alternative to candles and plug ins.

Describe your business in one sentence.

Unique, creative and thoughtful design-led art prints and cards for any occasion, rooted in British language and places.

Hedge & Hog PrintsPragya Agarwal, Hedge and Hog Prints

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for John Lewis?

John Lewis represents quality and is a legendary British institution. My designs are rooted in British language, landscape and sense of place, and have a distinct British flavour that would appeal to the John Lewis customer.

They also have a unique perspective, often with an intellectual basis, that would be very attractive to the John Lewis customer who looks for something different, and something more cerebral, and products that exude quality.

I bring a handmade, personal touch to all my illustrations and designs, and quality and integrity is the hallmark of my brand.

As a John Lewis customer myself, it would be an honour to pitch to John Lewis and see my designs in their stores.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

I have a medium-term plan for my business, in which I aim to bring my designs into the high street stores where quality and integrity is valued.

I aim to focus on art prints that target not only the gifting sector but also people who look for unique products for their own homes, and greeting cards that express sentiments in an understated British way.

In the long-term, I am aiming to expand my business and grow the wholesale sector, but still maintaining the uniqueness and handmade nature of my products, and the personal touch that is so specific to my designs.

I have various strategies in place to manage growth in the next year.

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