During tomorrow's Hospitality and Travel Exchange in London, a one day entrepreneurial extravaganza for travel and hospitality businesses, these three Enterprise Nation members will pitch their products live on stage to buyers from 'quality of life services' giant Sodexo. 

Follow updates from the event via #HTExchange on Twitter and if you'd like to see the pitches in person and be inspired by travel and hospitality entrepreneurs, buyers and experts, tickets are still available.

Laura Barrett, The Malted Waffle Company

Describe your business in one sentence

We produce delicious waffle mixes and handmade frozen waffles using high quality ingredients and maniufacture our own waffle machines.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for Sodexo?

We have a range of waffle products that can suit any business within Sodexo.

We understand that some sites would love to have theatre, presence and aroma so our UK made waffle machines and variety of mixes would be perfect to create ambience.

We can even offer gluten free for sites that have specific dietary requirements like schools or hospitals.

Some sites won't have the capacity to produce on site therefore our frozen waffle could allow them to have a handmade product without the need for equipment or batter prep.

We want to provide waffles to any type of site with any level of requirement and think everyone should be able to enjoy waffles and our products allow for that!

We believe our products are right for Sodexo because waffles are fast becoming a staple on UK menus. They bring happiness and enjoyment to customers and we want Sodexo to be able to bring the delight of waffles to their customers!

What is your vision for the future of your business?

The Malted Waffle Company group has been running for over 30 years and we service some of the best properties in the world with our waffle mixes, frozen waffles and waffle machines.

We want to become synonymous with high quality ingredients and UK made waffle machines and equipment.

We want to make waffles a staple product on menus across the UK and see people enjoy them with their friends and families. 

Kasia Bigda, Mr Lee's Pure Foods Co.

Describe your business in one sentence.

Mr Lee's Pure Foods produces premium, gourmet noodles in the convenience and on-the-go markets, fully committed to 100% tasty, 0% nasty, pure foods with low calories, salts and sugar, containing only natural ingredients.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for Sodexo?

Our current noodle range would provide Sodexo with healthier, restaurant-calibre noodles in an instant-cup form and perfect for serving in the cup, or decanting into a bowl for a true noodle-bar experience.

Our gourmet noodles would support Sodexo's food offerings in key operational markets such as healthcare, defence and education.

Our certified gluten-free cup noodles utilise freeze-dried ingredients, instead of dehydrated blends, retaining the full taste and nutritional integrity of the fresh ingredient when rehydrated with hot water.

We currently have six varied flavours, all of which are certified gluten-free and low in sugar, two of which are vegetarian and registered with The Vegan Society.

We are passionate and strive to innovate great tasting, healthier, no nasty food, to be eaten on-the-go or at home, and want to equip our strategic partners to educate their customers to be as passionate about our products are we are.

We work with those closest to end consumers through one-on-one training and marketing support, to ensure our message is made clear and to aid our customers in showing end-consumers our USPs.

Mr Lee's also offers a fully supported vending solution, in the form our smart noodle vending kiosks.

When the restaurants and shops close, our innovative noodle kiosks are still selling, serving healthful, tasty, warm meals 24/7, ensuring an opportunity is never missed.

Our cashless, card and contactless payment systems streamline the customer experience, and record detailed demographic data to better enhance the customer experience.

A large 32" touch display lies at the heart of the machine, pushing tailored content to better attract key customer demographics, based on location, average age of customer and more.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

Our mission is to become the world’s number one, premium, healthier convenience food solution.

We aim to cater to the full food cycle, providing healthier options for each of the major meals of the day that are low-prep, but high on nutritional value and taste.

We are continually growing and innovating, and will be looking to support our noodle range with new products throughout 2018.

We will support our food offering with state of the art tech solutions, empowering end-consumers to take full advantage of all of the benefits of our food solutions, and to inform and educate people around the globe on healthier eating.

Steve Jones, The Russian Food Company

Describe your business in one sentence.

We make the multi-award-winning, world's first 'Oven-Baked Sandwich', a brioche-like outside, beautifully hand-decorated, and *sealed inside* is one of our very different savoury or sweet fillings.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your product is right for Sodexo?

We want to present now because we will be ready to mass-produce our Bunza, the world's first 'Oven-Baked Sandwich' in the first quarter of 2018.

Before then we could not have supported the volumes that Sodexo would seek. It is right for Sodexo because of its versatility.

Our never seen before Bunza is many things depending on the eating occasion.

Present it as an FTG offer: It's a food-to-go product when eaten in the hand.

Present it for eating at the table: It's the healthy & luxurious alternative to a small pie served as the main item of a plated meal.

Present it as party food or part of a business buffet: Take the large version, cut into four and it's great hot or cold.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

We WILL be the company that creates a new food category in the sandwich/pie sector, The Baked Sandwich.

A senior buyer at Ocado has told us that this is the innovation he has been waiting for in the chilled food sector.

Virgin Trains has asked us to supply them.

With our product ingredients being recognisable by anyone and full of goodness, we declare our brand promise as "Super Foods Baked Beautifully for a Super You".

If you'd like to see the pitches in person and be inspired by travel and hospitality entrepreneurs, buyers and experts, tickets are still available.

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