Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones comments on the chancellor's Spring Statement.

"It's great to see that small businesses seem to be back in favour again!

"With the news of an £80m increase in support to help them take on apprenticeships, a much needed consultation on the VAT threshold, business rates and late payments being tackled, broadband, 5G and a skills boost, the chancellor made the Spring Statement look like a small business shopping list.

"We're also delighted about the announcement to create a more sophisticated measure on human capital.

"We've been pointing out that the mechanisms used by the ONS and the government to evaluate the productivity and economic contribution of small business are outdated. It's no longer relevant to rely on a head count to calculate value.

"Small firms often grow by outsourcing and provide important benefits to wider society and their local community.

"The call for evidence from productive and unproductive businesses is also a radical step in the right direction and we'd be very keen to play a key role in this."

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