Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, reacts to the news that the General Election has resulted in a hung Parliament.

"We have to do what entrepreneurs are well known for which is face the future with optimism.

"In looking for the positives of this result, the lack of a majority could led to a soft Brexit which is what our members were after. 

"There were also reforms in the pipeline that could have lead to extra admin for already overworked founders including digital tax data requirements and introduction of statutory worker rights. 

"These are likely to be delayed which gives business owners more time to ready themselves for opportunities.

"What, however, we didn't want delayed were moves such as the introduction of Export Vouchers to boost international trade and a thorough review of business rates

"These are likely to now play second fiddle to building a workable government that has the strength to do a Brexit deal. 

"This is not ideal but if there is any group that can move quickly to respond to rapidly changing conditions, it's the small business base of Britain." 

We went through the night as the election results were revealed with an online panel of entrepreneurs sharing their reaction. Replay what happened here.

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